Cigar Giveaway: 66 Acme Cigar Giveaway all February

Cigar Giveaway: 66 Acme Cigar Giveaway all February

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Acme Cigar Co. to bring you our biggest giveaway yet. We’ve giving away 66 Acme cigars! Yep, we’re giving away six 11-packs of Acme Cigars.


This month is the 70th Anniversary of the song “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66”, so it seemed only right that we team up with the company behind the Acme Route 66 cigar. So, our friends Jay Lundy and Tom Poehler (no relation to Amy) have made this very awesome giveaway possible. Since today is Jay’s birthday, it made sense to announce this awesome giveaway today. We’ll be giving away six 11-pack cigars (really 12 cigars when you figure the Acme Route 66 Tandem is meant to be cut in two) throughout the month of February.

Each 11-Pack Contains:
1x Acme Route 66 Tandem
4x Acme Route 66 “Hot Rod” (Robusto)
3x Acme Premier San Andres (Robusto)
3x Acme Premier Ecuador (Robusto)

Giveaway Entry Details:

  • Share, tweet or post a link to any Toasted Foot Acme cigar review on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #66AcmeGiveaway.
  • We’ll choose 3 random winners will be announced on February 15th, and 3 more random winners will be announced on February 29th. All cigars for Toasted Foot giveaways and contests ship with Boveda Humidipaks, the best way to properly keep and store cigars.


Acme Cigar Reviews on Toasted Foot:
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This contest is open only to those over twenty-one years of age, and with United States mailing addresses. No purchase necessary.