Cigar Review: Acme Route 66 “Chopper” (Churchill)

Cigar Review: Acme Route 66 “Chopper” (Churchill)

Acme Cigar Co.
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Mexico & Dominican Republic
Size: 7” x 48
Strength: medium-full to full
Price: $6.40

Overall Rating: 8.7

This month is the 70th Anniversary of the song “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66” written Bobby Troup, and later made famous by Nat King Cole. That makes this the perfect time to review the Route 66 cigar from Acme Cigar Co. (And to give some away in our Acme 66 Cigar Giveaway.) The Acme Cigar Co. is a collaboration between Elliot Suied and Romereo Hatfield withTom Poehler and Jay Lundy (the guys behind AKA Cigars). While the Acme Route 66 may be the company’s so-called “value blend”, it does not lack in quality, and will likely become the company’s best seller.


Pre-Light: Acme has done a great job theming the Route 66 line. The grey boxes, road sign logo and cigar band all come together to create a consistent theme in all aspects of the cigar’s packaging. The Cuban-seed Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is dark for Ecuadorian Habano tobacco, with a coffee bean like color tinged with a slight reddishness. The red, white, blue and silver road sign band stands out really nicely against the oily sheen to the cigar’s wrapper, making the Route 66 an appealing looking cigar.


There is a mix of earth and mild barnyard aromas to the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper of the Acme Route 66 Chopper. Scents of nuts, cocoa, generic wood and natural tobacco all can be detected from the cigar’s unlit foot. A very easy cold draw allows through flavors of powdered cocoa and earth, while a slight grassy note is present in the background.


Burn: The Acme Route 66 Chopper has a great draw, and allows through a good deal of smoke. On two of the three cigars smoked for this review the burn was very even, while on one it did tend to canoe slightly. The Route 66 Chopper (and the other vitolas in the line) holds its light grey ash extremely well, making it the perfect cigar for a long ash contest with friends.


Flavor: The Acme Route 66 Chopper begins with primary notes of earth and coffee, while a subtle black pepper lingers in the background. On the retrohale there is a blend of pepper, leather, nuts and grass that all go together nicely. There’s a slight sweetness to the earth and coffee notes which balance out the mild pepperiness. During the transition to the second third a dominant nuttiness begins to take shape, and blend with the existing flavors. The pepper begins to die down somewhat during the second third of the Route 66 Churchill. At this point, the retrohale is a mix of nut and leather notes. While coffee flavors and mild pepper are still present, there is a significant uptick in nut, oak and other woodsy notes during the last third of the Acme Route 66 Churchill.


Overall: Normally, I would not review a cigar in different sizes in separate reviews, but I felt the Acme Route 66 Chopper was worth considering apart from the special Tandem version. While all vitolas in the line have very similar flavor profiles, the Churchill size manages to showcase those flavors slightly better than any other. Coffee, earth, nuts and pepper make for an enjoyable medium-full to full bodied smoking experience. While we don’t take price into account in our Overall Rating, this is an great value price cigar. Personally, while I like the Acme Premier San Andres a tad more, I did enjoy the Acme Route 66 Chopper, and have gone back to it several times since first trying it. Due to it’s very reasonable price, the Acme Route 66 makes a great every day cigar, and I tend to smoke it while working around the yard or on road trips. The Acme Route 66 Chopper is definitely worth picking up at least a 5-pack of, especially for the full bodied cigar smoker looking for a good value in the current economy.


Pairing: I’ve found that the Route 66 pairs well with most kinds of beer, but I tend to gravitate towards a Newcastle or Belhaven Scottish Ale while smoking this cigar. The scotch drinker will find a cask strength Speyside or Highland single malt such as the Glenfarclas 105 will go nicely with Acme Route 66. I’ve also tried the Acme with a couple bourbons (Hudson Small Batch Bourbon and Buffalo Trace), and have found that the Route 66 compliments them nicely.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)