Cigar Contest: Why I Love Cigars – 100 Cigar Giveaway to Celebrate JD’s Wedding

Cigar Contest: Why I Love Cigars – 100 Cigar Giveaway to Celebrate JD’s Wedding

On March 5th I will be getting married to a really amazing woman, and to celebrate I wanted to do a really amazing giveaway, so this month we are giving away 100 cigars!


Many years ago, I used to be a regular at a now closed cigar bar called Downing Street in Houston, Texas. One day, after being on vacation for a while, I walked in and saw this beautiful girl working at the bar through what seemed like a romantic movie haze (although she claims it was just all the cigar smoke in the room), and it was love at first sight. Over time we got to know each other and became friends, although I had a giant crush on her. I moved away. She graduated school and stopped bartending. Downing Street was shut down by anti-smoking pressure. We talked on Facebook once in a while, but I never thought we’d see each other again. Years later I moved back to Houston, and chance led us to each other. We began dating. Eventually, I asked her to marry me, and in a few days we will become husband and wife. She is the wonderful, spectacular, amazing, stunning, smart, kind, beautiful, funny, awesome woman I have ever known, and I would have never met her if I had not been for my cigar smoking. So, I love cigars because if I didn’t I would not have met the woman who is about to be my wife.


Now I want to hear your reasons why you love cigars! Simply comment below with your reason why you love cigars between now and March 30th. Your reason can be long, short, funny, sentiment or whatever. Just have fun with it, and be honest. There’s no need for a social media account this time, because I wanted everybody to be able to participate. When we return from our honeymoon, my then wife will be the judge pick the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place submissions to receive this month’s giveaway prizes! (It seemed appropriate.)

Because this giveaway is to celebrate my best day ever, we wanted to make this a very special contest, and some great companies and individuals have helped to make this contest our best contest ever! A heartfelt thanks goes out to Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, Bombay Tobak, Stogies World Class Cigars, Master Sensei of Cigar Dojo, Southern Draw Cigars, Gurkha Cigars, Acme/AKA Cigars, Miami Cigar & Co, Ventura Cigar Co, La Flor Dominicana, Famous Smoke Shop, Espinosa Cigars, Whiff Industries, GMD Cigars and Trey Harris for their generosity.


Third Prize
An ashtray and cutter from Ventura Cigar Company, a jar of Whiff Out to keep your ashtray from smelling courtesy of Whiff Industries, and some other goodies.

Second Prize
A 32-count bundle of Caldwell King is Dead (2012) and a 601 La Bomba ashtray courtesy of our friends at Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. We’ll also send along a jar of Whiff Out  to keep your ashtray smelling fresh courtesy of our buddy Michael at Whiff Industries.

100 Cigar Grand Prize
We will be giving away 100 cigars, as well as several goodies. Yep, one person wins all 100 cigars!

Most giveaways of this many cigars feature run-of-the-mill everyday cigars, but because of the reason for this contest we wanted to make sure the cigars were all top notch. I raided my personal stash to provide some rare or well-aged cigars, Master Sensei of Cigar Dojo provide us with some hard to find sticks, independent cigar rep Trey Harris pitched in a few from his stash, and some major industry names have also donated some great cigars.


From JD’s Personal Stash: Warped Sky Flower, Warped Celestial (Event Only), Arturo Fuente Eye of the Shark, El Gueguense, Monte Cristo 80th Anniversary, Matilde Oscura, Don Pepin Series JJ Maduro, Davidoff Colorado Claro, Nat Sherman Timeless 660, Chinnock Cellar’s Estate, Cordoba & Morales Front 9, Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubana (Maduro) Lancero, Cabal Linda Petit Lancero, Espinosa Laranja Lancero (Unreleased), J. London Gold Series, Asylum Ogre Lancero, Asylum 13, AJ Fernandez Enclave, Camacho Diploma 11/18 (2013), Espinosa Especial, Espinosa Habano (2013), Cigar Factory New Orleans Corojo, Palacios Maduro, Room 101 Uncle Lee, Caldwell Blind Man’s Puff, Nomad, Ezra Zion Regan, La Flor Dominicana La Nox, Casa Miranda Chapter Two
From Acme Cigars: 2x Acme Premier San Andres, 2x Acme Premier Ecuador, Acme Route 66 Tandem
From Cigar Dojo: Drew Estate Undercrown Dogma, Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla by Espinosa Cigars, Viaje Throwdown Dojonation, Viaje Throwdown Fed Head
From Drew Estate Cigars: Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco, Drew Estate Undercrown Shade, 2x MUWAT Kentucky Fired Cured (Drew Diplomat), Nica Rustica
From Famous Smoke Shop: 601 Steel, La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age, Sucker Punch, Vudu Dark
From GMD Group: 3x Euforia Nicaragua
From Gurkha Cigars: Gurkha Pre-Embargo (2002), 2x Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Years, 2x Gurkha Cellar Reserve 18 Years, East India Trading Company Havana Blend Lancero
From La Flor Dominicana: Litto Gomez 2015, La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Chisel, La Flor Dominicana 1994
From MBombay Cigars: MBombay KeSara Pyramid, MBombay Mora Toro, MBombay KeSara Vintage Nikka, MBombay Mora Vintage Petite Perfecto, MBombay Nora No. 4, MBombay KeSara Solomon
From Miami Cigar & Co: Nestor Miranda Collection Connecticut, Nestor Miranda Collection Habano, Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro, La Aurora Untamed, La Aurora Untamed Extreme, Viva Republica Rapture (Maduro), Viva Republica Rapture (Habano), La Aurora Preferidos Cameroon,
From Rocky Patel Premium Cigars: 2x RP Sun Grown Maduro, Tabaquero by Hamlet, 2x RP 2003 Vintage Cameroon, RP 1990 Vintage, RP 1992 Vintage, RP Royal, RP Twentieth, RP Edge Maduro
From Southern Draw Cigars: 3x Southern Draw Kudzu, 2x Southern Draw Firethorn, Quickdraw Habano, Quickdraw Pennsylvania
From Stogies World Class Cigars: Stogies 20th Anniversary Cigar, Tatuaje H-Town Lancero, Nomad H-Town Lancero, Illusione H-Town Lancero, 2x AKA Nthº
From Trey Harris: Frank Llaneza 1961, Arturo Fuente Anejo (2011), 2x Padron 1964 Natural, Diamond Crown Perfecto
From Ventura Cigars Company: Psyko Seven Maduro

Good Luck!

Also check out my October 2014 interview with Northwoods Humidors for more on why I love cigars.

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All the best,
Jonathan David, owner/editor