Cigar Review: QuickDraw Connecticut by Southern Draw Cigars

Cigar Review: QuickDraw Connecticut by Southern Draw Cigars

Southern Draw Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Connecticut)
Binder: Nicaragua (Ometepe)
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli & Condega)
Size: 5 1/2” x 40
Strength: medium
Price: $6.00

Overall Rating: 9.1

Veteran-owned Southern Draw Cigars has been producing high quality cigars for two years now, and their Southern Draw Kudzu Gordo even earned a spot in our Top Ten Cigars of 2015. With their QuickDraw line, Southern Draw has created some small, but no less flavorful cigars at a reasonable price. The QuickDraw Connecticut in the line to be released in two vitolas, and joins the QuickDraw Habano and QuickDraw Pennsylvania.


Pre-Light: The QuickDraw Connecticut is a good looking short panatela. The QuickDraw band is a nice play on the traditional Southern Draw band. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper has a fair number of veins and a decent amount of oil to it. A pigtail cap and covered foot complete the look of the QuickDraw Connecticut.

There’s a mix of hay, wood and subtle spice scents to the wrapper of the QuickDraw Connecticut. Due to the covered foot of the cigar, there is no unique scents to the wrapper. The pre-light draw is easy and allows through a pleasing sweetness with notes of grass, hay, candied apples and oak.


Burn: Like all Southern Draw cigars, the draw on the QuickDraw Connecticut is prefect, and makes it apparent why they advertise their cigar with the line “simply the perfect draw”. The cigar is burns a bit uneven in the first third, but quickly corrects itself and is even until the end. The ash clings firmly to the foot of the QuickDraw Connecticut Short Panatela.


Flavor: The QuickDraw Connecticut Short Panatela begins with a sweet mix of hay, earth, oak and grass notes. There’s a small amount of pepper that lingers on the palate in the early going of the QuickDraw Connecticut. On the retrohale, wheat toast and hay mine with a small amount of subtle black pepper. A milky cappuccino note begins to appear at the transition to the second third of the QuickDraw Connecticut. Earth, cappuccino, hay, oak, mild cedar and subtleround out the flavor profile during the second third of the cigar. On the retrohale during the transition to the final third of the cigar there is a pleasing blend of cedar, grass, herbal spice and very mild white pepper. As the final third of the QuickDraw Connecticut begins there is blend of earth, cappuccino, oak, toast and hay. Towards the end of the final third of the cigar there is a increase in white pepper that compliments the existing flavors.


Overall: I’ve been a fan of Southern Draw Cigars since I was first introduced to them, so I was excited to see what they’d do with the release of a Connecticut cigar, and the QuickDraw Connecticut Short Panatela did not disappoint. Unlike many Connecticut cigars, the QuickDraw Connecticut is in the solidly medium bodied category and has a fair amount of flavor. The QuickDraw Connecticut is a Connecticut cigar for those that don’t normally smoke them. It’s  great cigar for the full bodied smoker to start of their day. Personally, I enjoyed the QuickDraw Connecticut and will likely pick up a box when they are available.


Pairing: The QuickDraw Connecticut is one of those cigars that pairs well with a wide variety of beverages. Those looking for a cigar to pair with a light beer will especially find the QuickDraw Connecticut a good choice.


On a side note: Because I’ve been a fan of the Southern Draw brand, and I consider owner Robert Holt and his wife Sharon friends, I wanted to make sure that my opinion of the cigar was justified. So, I gave one of the short panatela to my friend Old White Steve, and one of the petite corona to my buddy Headshrinker Gary to get a second and third opinion. Both are guys that smoke a good deal of good cigars, but are by no means cigar nerds. Gary smokes a good deal of full bodied cigars, while Steve tends to smoke more medium bodied fare. After they smoked the new QuickDraw Connecticut, both said that they would buy a box of the cigar. Their opinion were right in line with mine that the QuickDraw Connecticut is an exceptionally good medium bodied Connecticut cigar.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review were provided by Sharon Holt of Southern Draw Cigars. Although the generosity is greatly appreciated it does not effect the Overall Rating of this cigar in anyway. At Toasted Foot LLC we remain committed to providing impartial cigar and product reviews.