Toast of the Week (4/2/16)

We will announce the winners of our Why I Love Cigars Contest on Monday, April 5, 2016. My wife is busy reading all 177 entries to choose the winners, and once she’s picked them I will post the winners. Good luck to all who entered.

This week we reviewed several great cigars. The Rocky Patel Twentieth Lancero, Cornelius by Cornelius & Anthony and Manolo Estate Habano Serie 32 were all quite good. Here’s what’s happening across the Cigar Media world this week:


  1. Our friends at Famous Smoke Shop played a great April Fools Day joke involving Rocky Patel announcing as a Presidential candidate. Complete with videos and all, the Rocky Patel for President joke was extremely well done. If it had been real Rocky would likely have been the best person running, and he would’ve had my vote. Check out the Famous Smoke post here. For the funny and topical April Fools Day joke we Toast the fine folks at Famous Smoke Shop.
  2. Patrick at has a really interesting commentary on “Could Cuban Cigars Save the Non-Cuban Industry from the FDA?” The article is definitely worth a read. For his thoughtful commentary we Toast Patrick and Stogies Guys.
  3. Smoke Inn announced it’s newest MicroBlend from Davidoff. This Davidoff cigar is meant to commemorate Smoke Inn’s 20 years in business. We Toast Smoke Inn on their landmark 20th Anniversary, and look forward to trying the newest cigar in the MicroBlend series.
  4. Ben Lee over at The Stogies Review took a look at the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Presidente. Check out why it’s one of his all time favorite cigars here. For his video review of the underappriciated Don Carlos we Toast Ben and Stogie Review.
  5. The guys at Blind Man’s Puff took a look at the Asylum 13 Ogre Lancero (which is included in our Why I Love Cigars Contest Grand Prize). Although, it’s a little hard to not know what cigar it is even with the band removed, we Toast the guys at Blind Man’s Puff for their excellent review and continued dedication to quality blind reviews. Check out their review here.

Have a great weekend.

All the best,
Jonathan David