Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Last Call

Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Last Call

AJ Fernandez Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano Rosado)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 4 1/2” x 48
Strength: medium-full to full
Price: $5.00

Overall Rating: 9.0

The newest release from AJ Fernandez may be familiar to those who visited AJ’s White House Estate in Nicaragua during football season. The Last Call was often smoked by those hanging out watching football, and soon became something of a hit amount visiting guests. The Last Call is the first release in the Portfolio Series, which is to be collection of private blends that use some of the company’s best tobaccos. Released in boxes of 25 at a reasonable $5 price point, the AJ Fernandez Last Call is sure to become the everyday cigar of many cigar enthusiasts.


Pre-Light: The Last Call doesn’t really stand out on the shelf, but once you stop and take a look at it, the Last Call is a good looking little cigar. The red and cream colored band has a style and color scheme that brings to mind the kind of dinner my friends and I would go to at 2am after the bars closed (back in my younger days). A rich brown Nicaraguan wrapper, that has a color somewhere in between milk chocolate and coffee, features a few medium sized veins. The cigar is finished off with a nice covered foot.


Aromas of leather, earth and barnyard hay can be detected from the wrapper of the cigar. Due to the covered foot of the Last Call there are no distinctly unique scents coming from the unlit foot. Cedar and earth come through on a decent cold draw.


Burn: The Last Call is a very even burning cigar with a very good draw. A gray ash clings tightly to the foot of the Last Call. What is very impressive is how slow the AJ Fernandez Last Call burns despite its small size. It may seem like a quick cigar, but the average smoker could easily get 55 minutes or more  of smoking time from this tiny cigar.


Flavor: The Last Call begins with a quick burst of spice notes that instantly mellow into coffee, cedar, leather and oak notes. There is a slight caramel note, that is reminiscent of caramel candies, which build throughout the first third of the AJ Fernandez Last Call. The retrohale offers up notes of cedar, spice and leather. During the transition to the second third of the Last Call there is a slightly detectable mix of grassiness and pine nuts that joins the existing flavors. Throughout the second third of the cigar, both the strength and flavor build. Coffee, leather, cedar, pine nuts, caramel, earth and spice are all present during the second third of the cigar. Subtle pepper notes occur at the transition to the final third of the Last Call, but are secondary to the spice. Coffee and caramel dominate the flavor profile during the final third of the AJ Fernandez Last Call.


Overall: I’ve got to say that the AJ Fernandez Last Call is an impressive little cigar with a good deal of flavor. For a small cigar, there is a fair amount of complexity to the Last Call with caramel, cedar, leather, pine nuts and coffee being the main components of the flavor profile. There’s also a subtle strength to the Last Call that can sneak up on the unsuspecting smoker. The full bodied cigar enthusiast will find the AJ Fernandez Last Call a great cigar for the price, and the medium bodied smoker will not find it overpowering. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this cigar is how slowly it burns. I have a tendency to smoke quicker than the average smoker, but I have spent over an hour smoking this tiny cigar. At $5 the AJ Fernandez Last Call is an excellent value, making it a great everyday cigar. (Although, we never take price into account when rating cigars.) Personally, I liked the Last Call and have purchased them when I want a short full bodied cigar before going to bed.


Pairing: The AJ Fernandez Last Call goes very well with a cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso after a mean or at the end of the day.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigars for this review were purchased at Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. However, after the review was complete but before it was posted, samples of the Last Call were received courtesy of AJ Fernandez Cigars. As we do with most access samples, these samples were donated to Cigars for Warriors. Though the generosity of AJ Fernandez is greatly appreciated, it does not alter the Overall Rating of this cigar. At Toasted Foot Llc we remain committed to providing impartial cigar and product reviews.