Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro

Cigar Review: Fuente Fuente OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro

Arturo Fuente 
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Republic (Rosado Oscuro)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: 7” x 48
Strength: medium-full to full
Price: N/A ($250/box)

Overall Rating: 8.9

Fuente Fuentee OpusX has become synonyms with the highest end of cigars in quality, luxury and price. Which is why the most sought after cigar of 2016 is likely to be the Fuente Fuente OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro. Released late in 2015, with boxes of 15 containing 5 vitolas, the OpusX Rosado Oscuro is packaged in a beautiful yellow lacquered box that does more than hint  at the rarity of the cigar inside. The cigar makes use of a special Rosado Oscuro wrapper from the Chateau de la Fuente farm in the Dominican Republic.


Pre-Light: The OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro Reserva D’Chateau is an extremely elegant looking cigar. Evan by OpusX standards, the Oscuro is beautifully packaged. The yellow lacquered box shouts that the cigars within are something special. The dark oscuro wrapper has a dark earthen soil color that really makes the OpusX and Destino el Siglo secondary band stand out. The cigar is firm and try to the touch, and has noticeable seams and noticeable small to medium sized veins. Annoyingly, like many OpusX cigars there is some extra glue from the band on the wrapper, which becomes a problem when later removing the band.


There aren’t any very strong aromas from the cigar’s wrapper, but there are some hints of earth and barnyard hay. Earth, wood, cinnamon and subtle cherry notes are all detectable from the unlit foot. A decent cold draw lets through flavors of earth, grass, cherries and sweet woods.


Burn: The OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro has a good draw that loosens up one time, and is fairly easy during the final half of the cigar. While the burn line itself is a little jagged at times, overall the burn on the OpusX Oscuro is even burning from start to finish. At least in the Reserva D’Chateau size, the Opus Oscuro holds its ash extremely well.


Flavor: The OpusX Oscuro Oro Reserva D’Chateau begins slowly, with a subtle but sweet mix of earth, wood, spice and pepper. On the retrohale, understated pepper and spice fuse together for a pleasing effect. Although the first third starts out mellow, in both strength and flavor, towards the end of the first third this starts to gain in strength and flavor. As the OpusX Rosado Oscuro burns into the second third there is a mix of wood, earth, powdered cocoa, pepper and spice flavors. There’s a sarsaparilla flavor that occurs from time to time in the background of the second third of the OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro Reserva D’Chateau. During the transition to the final third of the Rosado Oscuro Oro, the cocoa note comes to the foreground and borders on a dark chocolate flavor. The retrohale at this point is fusion of pepper, earth, cocoa and spice. The strength picks up significantly during the final third of the cigar, and the sweetness has all but disappeared from the flavor profile. The strength during the final third is complimented by flavors of earth, cocoa and pepper that last through to the end.


Overall: Let’s be honest, there’s always a lot of hype surrounding new OpusX releases. While the cigars are great, a lot of it is due to the way OpusX cigars have become a status symbol. I’m just as susceptible to this as the next guy, as I just had to have a box of OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro for myself. Each box features three cigars in each of five vitolas, for a total of fifteen cigars. I decided to review the Reserva D’Chateau vitola. On a whole, the OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro is a very good cigar. The first half cigar begins mellow, both in strength and flavor, but during the second half of the cigar is both full bodied and full flavored. There is some fairly significant strength to the second half of the cigar. Unlike most OpusX cigars, the Rosado Oscuro Oro is ready to smoke straight from the box without the typically required year or two of aging. Still, this cigar should only improve with some time under its belt. Personally, I enjoyed the cigar a good deal. Opus fans will love find the Oro, while the average smoker may wonder at the price.


Pairing: I suggest a bottle of sparkling water with the Fuente Fuente OpusX Roasado Oscuro Oro, which makes it easier to discern the subtle nuances in flavor. Those looking for something a bit stronger will find the Balvenie 12 DoubleWood, Macallan 18 or Glenfarclas 25 are all excellent pairing choices.


On a side note: Although we don’t take price into account in the Overall Rating of a cigar, I sometimes feel it worth mentioning. The Fuente Fuente OpusX line often gets a lot of flack for being “expensive”, and comparatively there are plenty of good cigars at a lower price, but to a certain extent this is not the fault of Fuente but of unscrupulous retailers. While the OpusX Rosado Oscuro Oro retailers for around $250 per box (which come to $16.67 per cigar), some retailers have sold boxes for double the price. Granted, I’m a fan of the free market, but I think it hurts the manufacturer’s reputation while it’s really the retailer. Often with the regular OpusX line you can find cigars that should retail for around $16 being sold for $40. Unless it’s due to ridiculous state taxes, personally feel retailers should offer these cigar at a “reasonable” price (keystone or something close to it). I suggest building a relationship with a retailer you trust especially when buying high end cigar brands. There are plenty of great, honest and competitive retailers out there. I typically buy cigars from “Honest” Abe Dababneh at Smoke Inn or Jorge Ahued at Stogies World Class Cigars, because they are men I trust, and who have become friends over the years. Sorry for the rant, but sometimes I like to get these things off my chest.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210

Note: While typically we smoke 3-5 cigars for a single cigar review, this review was written using just two cigars from my personal box of OpusX Oscuro Oro.