Product Review: Xikar MTX Multi Tool

Product Review: Xikar MTX Multi Tool

Xikar Inc
Overall Opinion: Excellent
Value: Great
Price: $49.99

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Despite what some people think, not all cigar cutters are made the same. Yes, any sharp double bladed cutter will do in a pinch, but a cheep cutter just doesn’t handle the day-in-day-out use of an avid cigar lover. Xikar has managed to make a name for itself by not only making high quality cigar accessories, but guaranteeing them for life. Yet, of all the products in the Xikar line perhaps the most impressive is the MTX Multi Tool.


What’s Good: The Xikar MTX Multi Tool has everything a cigar smoker needs in one collapsable package. The scissors cutter is sharp, durable and will cut any ring gauge cigar. While this would normally be enough to recommend it to our readers, the MTX goes above and beyond with three additional tools. There is a small flathead screwdriver for adjusting the flame on your lighter, or fixing a random loose screw. A “cigar poker” tool is perfect for draining the air from your lighter before filling it (too many people don’t do this and then wonder why their light doesn’t work), but it can also be handy for loosening up an overly tight draw (like on many of the cigar coming out of the My Father factory lately). There’s also a bottle opener for when you realize the craft beer your friend recommended you purchase doesn’t have a twist top. The whole thing folds up to be just over and inch, and easily fits in the watch pocket of a pair of jeans or can be attached to a keychain.


What’s Bad: There are only two problems with the Xikar MTX Multi Tool. The first is that it takes some getting used to. At first, it may difficult to get used to using scissors to cut your cigar, but once you get the hang of it you’ll likely find it way easier than other types of cigar cutters. The second problem only really effects those that smoke several cigars a day, which is the blades dull quicker that the Xikar Xi cutters, and typically need to be replaced anywhere from one to two years after purchase, but the lifetime warranty on Xikar products makes this pretty easy. On a few MTX tools that I’ve owned, the center piece holding the blades together gets loose allowing too much give, to the point where the blades can cross over each other. Again this happens after about two years, and is easily fixable because of Xikar’s lifetime warranty.


Overall: I can’t say enough how much I love the Xikar MTX Multi Tool. Over the years, I have owned many of these awesome cutters. I keep these everywhere; at my house, in my golf bag, in my office desk drawer, in my car and in my travel humidor. In my opinion this is by far the great cigar cutter on the market, and may even be one of the best cigar accessories ever invented. The additional tools make this cutter a great value. Xikar’s unconditional lifetime warranty also means this is the only cutter you will ever need. If anything happens to the cutter, all you have to do is bring it to a store that carries Xikar accessories and they will replace it for free (provided they have the same item in stock). The only time you’ll ever need another cutter is if you loose this one. I highly recommend giving the MTX a try.


On a side note: Most products that we review on this site were set to us by one company or another hoping that we’d review their product. However, the cutters used to in this review were my own, purchased over the years. I feel so strongly about how great this cutter is that I had to share with our readers how great the Xikar MTX Multi Tool is.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)