Cigar Review: Cucubano by Southern Classic Cigars

Cigar Review: Cucubano by Southern Classic Cigars

Southern Classic Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 1/2 x 52
Strength: medium to medium-full
Price: $7.95

Overall Rating: 8.9

A Cucubano is type of lightning bug that is native to Puerto Rico, and also happens to be the name chosen for a very good cigar from Southern Classic Cigars. Coming in a 5 1/2” x 52 robusto vitola, the Cucubano from Southern Classic is a little known Nicaraguan puro that has a good deal of chocolate, pepper and coffee flavors. Despite not getting much recognition the Cucubano is a cigar worth trying when you can find it.


Pre-Light: The Cucubano is an unassuming cigar when on store shelves. A blue and silver band does stand out nicely against the dark Nicaraguan wrapper, however for some odd reason the band doesn’t draw attention in a packed humidor and is easily passed by. I find it odd that a cigar named for a lightning bug doesn’t feature any theming that emphasizes this. There’s a nice oily sheen and some average sized veins to the smooth chocolate brown wrapper.


From the wrapper there are scents of barnyard and cocoa. There’s a pleasantly sweet aroma to the foot of the Cucubano that is a mix of cocoa and something reminiscent of Fig Newtons. The cols draw features a similar sweetness, and flavors of cocoa, cinnamon and sugar cookies come through easily.


Burn: The Cucubano is a fairly even burning cigar. The draw starts out a tad on the firm side, but by the end of the first third there is a lot of smoke coming through. A nice ah clings firmly to the end of the Cucubano, and only drops off when ashed.


Flavor: The Cucubano begins with a satisfying mix of sweet cocoa and mild pepper. What’s really interesting about the first third of the Cucubano is the depth of flavor that could be called cocoa or chocolate in character; there is powdered cocoa, milk chocolate and something reminiscent of chocolate cake all at the same time. There’s a nice mix of strong pepper, leather and spice to the retrohale. While there is some pepper on the palate, it is fairly mild, and is complimented by a little bit of spice. As the cigar burns into the second third, cinnamon and hints of citrus make an appearance. The second third of the cigar contains a plethora of flavors including cocoa, coffee, pepper, spice, nuts, leather, cinnamon and just a slight hint of orange citrus. Toward the end of the second third of the Cucubano there is a good deal of coffee and cocoa flavors complimented by a pepper note. During the transition to the last third of the cigar there is a increase in the pepper and spice on the palate. The final third of the Cucubno finishes with a mocha like flavor that is occurs alongside a mix of pepper and spice.


Overall: For a cigar that few have heard of, the Cucubano from Southern Classic has a good deal of flavor. This is surprisingly complex cigar. While the flavors tend to really stand out in the first and second third, there is a definite muddling of notes during the final third. This is one of those cigars that is a nice little known secret on retail shelves. Those who enjoy Nicaraguan puros  with chocolate and peppery flavor profiles will find the Cucubano worth picking up. Unfortunately, the Cucubano comes in one vitala, which is unfortunate because I’d loved to have tried it in toro or torpedo. All in all, I personally liked the Cucubano and have been picking them up regularly after work since they were first introduced to me by my buddy Jorge over at Stogies World Class Cigars.


Pairing: This is one of those cigars that pairs with a wide range of beverages. The Cucubano is a great cigar to have with a cup of coffee or espresso. I nice stout ale is also a great choice for pairing with the Cucubano. Personally, I tend to smoke the Cucubano after work with a Diet Coke.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Some cigars for this review were provided by Jorge Ahued of Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. No request for review was made. Although the generosity is greatly appreciated, it does not alter the overall rating of the cigar. At Toasted Foot LLC we remain committed to providing fair and impartial cigar and product reviews.