Product Review: Andorini Genova L Deluxe Humidor

Product Review: Andorini Genova L Deluxe Humidor

Andorini Humidors

Overall Opinion: Excellent
Value: Fair
Price: $574.00 MSRP
Capacity: 100-150 count (Manufacturer Estimate)

We cigar enthusiasts love accessories, but perhaps the most most important accessories we buy are the humidor we use to keep our treasured cigars properly humidified. Too many novices have been sold on the impression that any cedar lined box will do. Yet, not all humidors are build the same. While some companies make very good humidors, Cologne-based Andorini Humidors makes some that are truly impressive in both form and function. The 100-150 count Andorini Genova L Deluxe is both a thing of beauty, and one of the most well made humidors that I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.


What’s Good: The Andorini Genova L Deluxe is line with thick Spanish cedar that is nailed rather than glued, so there is no adverse effect on the flavor of the cigars within. A special steaming process keeps any resin from bleeding inside. Ventilation ribs on the interior add both a unique appearance and allow for optimum air circulation, keeping all the cigars at their proper humidity instead of only some. The humidification device and hydrometer both attach magnetically, but unlike most humidors that require the you to ruin the look of the lid by sticking magnets to it (that tend to fall off eventually, the magnets in the Andorini Genova Deluxe are built into the lid so that there is no unsightliness and they will not fall off over time. The analog hair-hydrometer keeps track perfectly of the humidity inside, and stood up to testing with multiple RH Boveda packs, always reading exactly what the pack said it should. The humidification system does a good job of maintaining the proper relative humidity at between 70-72%. The adjustable shelf, dividers and accompanying labels allow for categorizing and sorting cigars unlike any other humidor I’ve seen. The seal on the Genova is amazing, with the humidity inside the humidor staying very consistent.


What’s Bad: There’s nothing actually “bad” about the Andorini Genova L Deluxe. The high MSRP puts thes humidor out of range of the average cigar enthusiast. Unfortunately, at that price the Andorini is competing against names like Elie Bleu, Davidoff and Prometheus which have become serious status symbols over the years. However, there is a good chance that if enough people discover the Andorini, it could end up in the same category of those other humidor makers. The Genova Deluxe has a great classic look to the exterior, but it may be unnoticed on store shelves next to lesser brands, because it’s not flashy enough for some cigar enthusiasts.


Capacity vs. Actual Capacity: Humidor capacity is always an interesting thing, because it may or may not meet the advertised capacity, it just depends on the brand of humidor and the size of the cigar that you keep in it. The Andorini Genova L Deluxe is billed as a 100-150 count humidor. First, to maximize capacity, it is important to insert cigars in the Genova Deluxe horizontally using dividers. After some experimentation, I have tested just how many cigars of certain sizes I managed to fit comfortably into the Genova Deluxe. The lancero smoker will be able to fit over 180-200 cigars into the humidor, although I stopped counted at 177 because I ran out of lanceros. Corona enthusiasts will find the 150 count number advertised spot on. Toro smokers should be able to fit 100-125 cigars inside, depending on what length/gauge the cigar actually is. The 6” x 60 smoker will find 65-75 cigars will fit in the Genova L Deluxe. When I put a mixed lot of cigars (including lanceros, coronas, churchills, toros, robustos, box-pressed cigars and a few 6x60s) in the humidor horizontally I was able to fit 95 cigars in, and when stored vertically  I was able to fit 78 cigars inside (which is what you see in the pictures). All my capacity tests were done with uncellophaned cigars. For a humidor this size, the capacity was impressive.


Humidification System vs. Boveda: The German acrylic polymer crystals that come in the humidor’s humidification system do a great job keeping the humidor properly humidified between 70-72% RH. Only distilled water needs to be added to the humidification device, and Andorini comes with a small starter bottle of antibacterial distilled water which allowed for instant set-up. As Andorini’s Toger Brunken said, “Imagine a boy that doesn’t have batteries for his remote controlled car on Christmas, it’s just the same with a man’s humidor without distilled water.” I tested the humidor with (2 weeks) and without (1 week) cigars with the enclosed humidification system, and it maintained 70-72% the entire time. All that said, I am a huge fan of Boveda’s HumidiPaks, which have become the official humidification device of Toasted Foot and are used in all our humidors and for our giveaways. I used an 84 RH HumidiPak to season the humidor for 10 days, before testing the enclosed humidification system. After 3 weeks of testing the enclosed humidification device, I tested the humidor for another week with Boveda 72 RH HumidiPaks, and the Genova Deluxe maintained a perfect 72% humidity. You can use whichever system you like best, or just double up and use both.


Overall: After over 6 weeks of testing, the Andorini Genova L Deluxe managed to perform spectacularly in nearly every way. The capacity was impressive for such a compact humidor. As Americans tend to smoke larger ring gauge cigars than in Europe, the capacity may be slightly lower than the manufacturer estimate for the average American cigar enthusiast. The humidification and hydrometer performed admirably, and the way they are attached to the interior without ruining the lid is my favorite aspect of the humidor. The seal on the Andorini Genova L Deluxe is one amazing, and the interior ribs kept my cigars perfectly during testing. I was a big fan of the classic look, and the fact that the humidor seems to go well with any style of room. While the high MSRP may put it out of range of the average cigar enthusiast, the fact that comes with so much and performs so well makes up a little for the high price, and causes me to say the value is fair. It is possible to find the humidor at price up to $100 lower than the MSRP. Still, this is more a humidor for the decreeing connoisseur than the average cigar smoker. All in all, I would highly recommend the Andorini Genova L Deluxe. In fact, I thought it was such a great piece that I gave one to my father for Father’s Day.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

The humidor for this review was provided by Toger Brunken of Andorini. Although the generosity is greatly appreciated it in no way effects the overall rating of this product. At Toasted Foot LLC we remain committed to providing impartial cigar and product reviews.