Cigar Giveaway: Southern Draw Celebrates Freedom Giveaway

Cigar Giveaway: Southern Draw Celebrates Freedom Giveaway

Freedom is fading, and it’s happening fast. Hidden among the FDA’s rules regarding the regulation of premium cigars is a clause no longer allowing free samples and in some cases giveaways. So, we’re doing a special giveaway right now, and it will be our last for a while or…maybe ever!


Veteran-owned Southern Draw Cigars is a staunch defender of freedom, and has sponsored this giveaway to celebrate our freedom to do this one last time before the FDA takes away this special way for us to connect with our readers. Anyone who reads the many responses to our previous Why I Love Cigars Contest knows that the FDA doesn’t understand the depth of connection we Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf have to each other, or what they are attempting to destroy with their excessive regulations. We’re so glad that Robert and Sharon Holt was willing to help us set up this extra special contest.


We’ll be giving away 5-packs of the new Southern Draw QuickDraw Connecticut to as many winners as we can. The first several winners will each receive some extra prizes we have sitting in the Toasted Foot vault, including hats, ashtray, lighters, etc. Unfortunately, the new rules kick in August 8th, so this contest will be rather short.

Here’s How to Enter:

  • Tweet, Share or Post a link to any Southern Draw Cigars review on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #SDFreedomContest.
  • We’ll pick random winners between now and August 7th. All prizes will ship August 8th.
  • Good Luck
  • You must have a valid US address and be of legal smoking age in your area to enter. 

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