Toast of the Week (8/19/16)

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these Toast of the Week articles, but sometime life (and recovering for the trade show) gets in the way. That said, there is so much going on in the cigar industry right now that it would be impossible for any one site to cover it all, though does a good job of trying. Here’s some highlights from around the cigar world that I recommend checking out this week:

  • Back on August 3rd, I had the honor to join Cigar Coop on Stogie Geeks for Episode #195 of their show. Though our focus was on a recap on the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show, we covered a wide range of topics and had a great time doing so. I love when two cigar media sites collaborate (even when I’m not involved), and as members of the Cigar Media Association, has done a great thing by inviting other CMA member sites to appear on their show. We toast Coop, Paul and the Stogie Geeks team for their great collaborative efforts and informative show. Check out Episode #195 (featuring yours truly) here. 
  • Sumatra Samurai at has written a great review of the La Gran Llava cigar coming from AJ Fernandez’s Factory in Nicaragua. This was on of the better cigars that I had the chance to smoke from the IPCPR, and Sumatra Samurai’s review only confirms my original opinion. Eventually, when I have a few more to smoke, I’ll get around to writing this one up myself, but in the meantime visit the Dojo to see what they think of it. We toast Sumatra Samurai for is awesome reviews. Check out his review of the La Gran Llava here.
  • Tickets are on sale for the 3rd Annual Big Damn Cigar Jamboree & Wingding in Houston, Texas. The event will be taking place on October 15, 2016, and is one of those events that lovers of boutique cigar (or lanceros) will not want to miss. Every year this party put on by Stogies World Class Cigars just gets better and better. Already, the VIP Tickets are all sold out, so if you think you might attend I’d order my General Admission Tickets now. Tickets for the Big Dam Cigar Jamboree & Wingding can only be bought online here. 
  • I’ve mentioned them before, but I have to plug the guys at Developing Palates once again. Their IPCPR coverage was humors and fun to watch, their reviews are good and the I really like the look of their site. If you haven’t visited their site yet then you are missing out. We toast Jiunn and Aaron for their excellent work. Check out
  • broke the story earlier this week that the FDA has lost a major lawsuit concerning tobacco labeling. Apparently, as any right minded person would, the judge ruled that changing the packaging, bands or updating a logo does not constitute creating a “new” tobacco product. We commend the guys at halfwheel for their coverage of all the FDA regulations that are now affecting the cigar industry. Check out the full article here.
  • Cigar Authority has an interesting editorial by David Garofalo on their site titled “Why Did U.S. Customs Cut My Cigars in Half?”. While it may sound to bizarre to be true, many cigars entering through the Port of Miami are being cut up by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Why? Well, no one quite knows. Many people have assumed it was just Dominican cigars being cut up, but I’ve personally seen pictures of it happening to those from Nicaragua also. No one has been on to of this story like, so I’d keep checking out their site to stay up to date.

We’ve got a bunch of new reviews coming in the wake of the IPCPR Trade Show, and even a few articles and interviews. It’s a lot of time consuming work, but I’ll do my best to get them all posted in a timely manner. In the mean time, enjoy the weekend.

All the best,

Jonathan David