Cigar Review: Finca Santa Fe by Cordoba & Morales

Cigar Review: Finca Santa Fe by Cordoba & Morales

Cordoba & Morales
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Undisclosed (Criollo 98)
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Size: 6” x 52
Strength: medium
Price: $20.00

Overall Rating: 9.3

Though they may not be well known, Cordoba & Morales has made some great cigars over the last few years. The Cordoba & Morales 19th Hole Maduro even earned a spot in our Top Ten Cigar of 2014. With their latest release, the Finca Santa Fe, brand owners Azarias and Emille Mustafa have gone above and beyond. The Finca Santa Fe is one of the most Cuban-like cigars on the market, while having a bit of added strength. This is a very impressive medium bodied cigar that will definitely surprise.


Pre-Light: The Finca Santa Fe is a beautiful looking cigar. While there are prettier bands on other Cordoba & Morales Cigars, the band and of this cigar just seems to fit and stands out nicely against the beige Criollo wrapper of the Finca Santa Fe. An orange sparkling foot ribbon announces that this is a special cigar. There’s just the right amount of oil to the cigar’s wrapper that is free of any prominent veins.


An aroma of cooking spices with a subtle scent of something reminiscent of wet autumn leaves is noticeable from the wrapper of the Finca Santa Fe. The covered foot has a similar aroma as the wrapper, with a tad stronger spice aroma. A fairly easy cold draw allows through a blend of spices, along with grass and cedar notes.


Burn: The draw on the on the Finca Santa Fe is extremely easy, which allows for a ton of smoke to come through. On all but one of the four smoked for this review, the burn was extremely even from start to finish. This cigar holds it’s ash for a considerable amount of time, but when it is ready to fall it does so without warning.


Flavor: The Finca Santa Fe immediately starts off with a subdued mix spice, grass and cedar flavors. A mild spice and cedar come through on the retrohale of the cigar. As the first third of the cigar gets going, mild spice and cedar flavors are joined by slight hints of mushroom, oak and nuts. The interplay between the flavors makes for a unique effect on the overall flavor profile. During the transition to the second third the nut and oak flavors come to the forefront while spice, grass, cedar, leather and extremely mild white pepper occur in the background. The second third continues the give and take between flavors of nuts, cedar, oak, spice, grass and mild white pepper continue, with no one flavor eclipsing the others for long. As the Finca Santa Fe transitions to the final third, black and white pepper become more prevalent, but do not overpower the other existing flavors. In last inch or so of the Fina Santa Fe, the strength picks up significantly, with the flavors that have been present throughout the cigar mingling together in new ways. This is a hard cigar to put down.


Overall: There are so many small boutique cigar brands on the market (though we may see this change due to the recent FDA regulations), and it can be difficult to know which of those little known companies is worth giving a try. At Toasted Foot we’ve always prided ourselves on introducing our readers to the best boutique brands on the market, and Cordoba & Morales is one that really stands out. This small company has not made an just average cigar yet, and even scored a spot in out Top Ten Cigars of 2014. Even for a company that has made consistently good cigars, the Finca Santa Fe stands out as something special. Azarias and Emille Mustafa have been tight lipped about what the blend on this cigar actually is, but it possibly the most Cuban-like cigar I have tried in a long time. Unlike the cigars coming from Cuba however, the Finca Santa Fe has a bit of underlying strength that comes into play in the second half of the cigar. The flavor profile continuously finds new ways for the existing flavors to mingle together thought the cigar, with a good deal of balance and complexity. While mild enough for the novice, the Finca Santa Fe has complexity and medium bodied profile that all but the most ardent full-bodied cigar enthusiasts will enjoy. Though the $20 price point may seem high, this is a cigar that is (in my opinion) is worth the price, and is eased by the fact it comes in both 5 and 10 count boxes. Personally, I smoked each one of the four cigars for this review to the numb, almost to the point of burning my fingers. This was a hard cigar for me to put down, and I will definitely smoke more of them in the future. I would highly recommend giving the Finca Santa Fe a chance, especially if you’re looking for something special to enjoy as a celebratory smoke amount friends.


Pairing: In order to fully enjoy all that this cigar has to offer, I’d recommend smoking the Finca Santa Fe with a bottle of sparkling water, which is my drink of choice when reviewing a cigar. However, those looking for an alcoholic beverage to compliment the Finca Santa Fe will find a glass of Pinot Noir or a Speyside single malt (ie. Macallan, Balvenie) will pair nicely with this cigar.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Cigar for this review were purchased by Jonathan David at Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas.