Cigar Review: Herrera Esteli Maduro H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)

Cigar Review: Herrera Esteli Maduro H-Town Lancero (Stogies Exclusive)

Drew Estate / Stogies World Class Cigars 
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: USA (Connecticut Broadleaf)
Binder: Brazil (Mata Fina)
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 7” x 40
Strength: full
Price: $10.00

Overall Rating: 9.1

The well-recieved Stogies H-Town Lancero Series continues to expand, this time with a rare cigar in a rare vitola. For this year’s TAA, Drew Estates released the Herrera Esteli TAA Maduro, and the latest Stogies store exclusive lancero is that blend in the vitola that only seems to fly off the shelves at Stogies World Class Cigars in Houston, Texas. Like the other cigars in the H-Town Series the Herrera Esteli Maduro H-Town is a great cigar, and is definitely going to be sought after by hard core cigar enthusiasts.

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 1

Pre-Light: Although there is no special H-Town band, the dark wrapper with a color reminiscent of rich soil makes it apparent that this is a different cigar than the previous Herrera Esteli lancero with the same bands. The Herrera Esteli H-Town Lancero is a good looking cigar that is firm and dry to the touch.

From the wrapper of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper there is a strong powdered cocoa scent. The unlit foot of the cigar has an strong chocolate, earth and slight spice aroma. A slightly firm cold draw allows through flavors of chocolate, coffee and a subtle grassy note.

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 3

Burn: The Herra Esteli H-Town is a extremely even burning cigar, in most cases the burn line is razor sharp. A great draw allows through a large amount of smoke, especially for a lancero.

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 4

Flavor: Almost instantly the Herrera Esteli H-Town has an earthy sweetness. Earth, cocoa, cedar and spice all combine early on. A bit of white pepper develops on the palate, and carries over to the retrohale. On the retrohale there is a pleasant interplay between cedar and coffee, as well as white and black pepper. There is a meatiness begins to come through during the second third of the cigar that joins with earth, spice, cedar, coffee and pepper. Coffee and pepper linger on the palate after the smoke is gone, making for a nice aftertaste. The last third continues with very similar flavors to the second and first thirds of the Herra Esteli H-Town Lancero. As the Herrera Esteli H-Town progress nears the end of the final third there is a great mix of earth, leather, coffee, meatiness and pepper.

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 5

Overall: The latest addition to the Stogies H-Town Lancero Series is sure to be much sought after. Like all Drew Estate cigars, there will be those that have to have the Herrera Esteli H-Town Lancero just because it comes from them, but this is a cigar that has a lot more than hype going for it. The Herrera Esteli H-Town Lancero is the well received Herrera Esteli TAA Maduro in the vitola that has become a staple on the shelves at Stogies Wold Class Cigars. Full bodied with a meaty mix of coffee, earth, cedar, spice and pepper flavors, the newest H-Town is a cigar that offers a lot for the full bodied cigar enthusiast. Personally, I think that the Herrera Esteli H-Town is a little young, and it could benefit from a little bit of time in the humidor. While it is a great cigar now, it will likely be an amazing cigar down the road. I have some sitting down to to revisit at a later time. Overall, I would say that the Herrera Esteli is one of the top H-Town Lanceros. I’d definitely recommend picking up this cigar now (before it sells out), and sit it down for six months or longer. Check out Stogies website to see if the Herrera Esteli H-Town is in stock, and pick up the others cigars in the H-Town Lancero Series (the Larañja H-Town, Illusione H-Town and Neanderthal H-Town are among my personal favorites).

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 6

Pairing: The Herrera Esteli H-Town Lancero is a great cigar for pairing with a good bourbon. Personally, I like the Hudson Baby Bourbon with this cigar. However, the Calumet, Angel’s Anvil, Booker’s and Jefferson’s Ocean all go well with the new Stogies H-Town. I also found several Speyside and Highland single malts such as the Balvienie 12 DoubleWood pair well with this cigar.

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 7

On a side note: The FDA regulations have messed up a lot in the cigar industry, and the Herrera Esteli is an example. In order to have it finished in time it features red lettering on a white band, not the white lettering on a red band like the TAA. It also lacks a dedicated H-Town band. Still, when comparing it to the original Herrera Esteli or original TAA lancero, the Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper of the H-Town lancero is obviously many shades darker. It would’ve been nice to see a special band on the Herrera Esteli H-Town, but it’s worth pointing out that the Illusione H-Town (possibly the best of them) does not have a special band denoting it as an H-Town.

HerreraEsteli_HTOWN_lance 8

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)