Cigar Review: La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged No. 2

Cigar Review: La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged No. 2

La Aurora / Miami Cigar & Co.
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, Brazil & Cameroon
Size: 5” x 54
Strength: medium
Price: $22.50

Overall Rating: 8.9

For the first time since adding La Aurora Preferidos Diamond No. 2 back in 2012, La Aurora has expanded the Preferidos line with a new blend. While the other cigars in the line are differentiated by the type of wrapper used (ie. Brazillian, Broadleaf, Cameroon), this time La Aurora is focusing on the aging process. After being rolled the cigars are aged for an additional 90 days, imparting an interesting sweetness to the cigar. The new La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged No. 2 is a good addition to the flagship Preferidos line.


Pre-Light: The La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged No. 2 comes in a copper colored tube, although there is no official name (such as the Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, etc.) for the colored edition, but many are calling it the copper or bronze Preferidos. The cigar itself is a well made beautiful looking perfecto, like all the cigars in the Preferidos line. The light Ecuadorian Habano wrapper has the color of a paper grocery bag, and there are several prominent medium sized veins to the slightly oily wrapper.

LaAurora_DoubleBarrelAged 2

Leather, wood, dried fruit and a rum like sweetness are all present on the Double Barrel Aged’s Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The aromas from unlit foot of the cigar are a mix of cinnamon, wood, dried fruit and a sugary sweetness. A slightly firm pre-light draw allow through a plumb-like dried fruit flavor, as well as oak and leather notes.

LaAurora_DoubleBarrelAged 4

Burn: Like all the perfectos in the La Aurora Preferidos line, the Double Barrel Aged has an even burn overall, although one of the three did burn uneven for a while along a larger vein before correcting itself. The draw of the cigar is a tad on the firm side during the first third of the cigar, but opens up nicely through the last two-thirds of the cigar. There’s something about the No. 2 Perfecto vitola that lends itself to holding a great ash, and the Double Barrel Aged is one of those cigars that can hold over half its length in ash.

LaAurora_DoubleBarrelAged 5

Flavor: The La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged begins with sweet wood and leather flavors. Interestingly the is a slight hint of a peach like sweetness that appears and then disappears as quickly as it came. On the retrohale there is a significant amount of spice, cedar and leather. As the cigar enters the second third the leather note becomes more prominent, with a bit of the spice from the retrohale carrying over the palate. There’s a great mix of leather, cedar, spice and nutmeg to the second third of the La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged. A generic woodsiness comes through to the foreground of the flavor profile as the cigar continues into the final third, and is backed up by spice and nutmeg.

LaAurora_DoubleBarrelAged 6

Overall: I’ve always loved the La Aurora Preferidos line, and although I very much enjoyed the Petite Corona sizes, it has always been the No. 2 perfecto vitola that has always stood out. It’s nice to see a new addition to the line, and the La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged fits well with the rest of the Preferidos line. Medium bodied with a mix of sweet wood and nut flavors, the Double Barrel Aged is a cigar that can be enjoyed by a large group of cigar enthusiasts. The aging process adds a pleasant sugary sweetness to the cigar. While the price may high for some (although we don’t take price into account in our ratings), the perfecto shape is among the hardest to role and the quality of La Aurora’s Preferidos line is always top notch. While I still like the Ruby and Diamond Preferidos the best, I personally enjoyed the La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged. I would’ve like to see an official bronze or copper name given to the cigar, but that has nothing to do with the cigar itself. Overall, the Double Barrel Aged is a good cigar that is worth trying if you’re a fan of other cigars in the Preferidos line or of medium bodied woodsy cigars.

LaAurora_DoubleBarrelAged 7

Pairing: I find the La Aurora Preferidos Double Barrel Aged pairs well with a good highland single malt such as the Dalmore 12 or Glenfarclas 12. Personally, I like the Jura 10 Original with the Double Barrel Aged, although it is an island and not a highland single malt. The Double Barrel Aged Preferidos also pairs very well with a good sipping rum such as the Zafra 21 or Ron Zacapa 23.

LaAurora_DoubleBarrelAged 9

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)