Toast of the Week (10/23/16)

Toast of the Week (10/23/16)

It’s been another busy few weeks here with events to attend and reviews to write. We’ve had recent reviews of the Finca Santa Fe by Cordoba & Morales, the full line of QuickDraw Short Panatelas by Southern Draw, 1502 Blue Sapphire, Espinosa Alpha Dawg, Southern Draw Kudzu Axil Lancero, Indian Motorcycle Habano and the Stogies’ Exclusive Herrera Esteli H-Town Lancero. Even more reviews of some pretty good cigars are coming up in the near future, but first let’s look at what’s interesting around the cigar world.

  • First and foremost I have to give a shoutout to the guys at Stogies World Class Cigars for holding their 3rd Annual Big Damn Cigar Jamboree & Wingding. The Wingding stands along Smoke Inn’s Great Smoke as the most enjoyable cigar festivals in the country. Each year gets better and better with more deals, more manufacturers and more great B.O.T.L. and S.O.T.L. in attendance. This year Matt Booth (Room 101), Erik Espinosa (Espinosa), Robert Caldwell (Caldwell), Robert Holt (Southern Draw) Kyle Gellis (Warped) and Skip Martin (RomaCraft) were all there representing their brands and signing boxes. Even my buddies from Cigar Dojo made it down to Houston for the event. Below are some pictures from the event…
  • Speaking of the guys at Dojo… a while back, the always knowledgeable Cigar Coop was on Dojo’s Smoke Night Live for “Open Line Friday”. It’s an episode worth checking out. Check it out here. Smoke Night Live is one of my favorite cigar shows, and if you haven’t seen it before it’s definitely worth a look.
  • Old White Steve, one of the S.A.D. (Stogies Adult Daycare) guys I was hanging with at the Stogies Wingding, sent me an article from one of the right wing sites he likes to read on the FDA’s cigar regulations. While most of the information is stuff that had already been reported by Cigar Coop and other CMA sites, and the article quotes from frequently from halfwheel, it is nice to see non cigar media sites (even the politically biased ones) picking up on the importance of this story. So we toast The Resurgent for giving voice to this issue, and we toast Old White Steve for paying attention. See the full article here.
  • While on the subject of the FDA regulations, one of the questions that I receive a lot is about if it’s okay to still donate to groups like Cigars for Warriors. The short answer is… it seems like it is. As long as the cigars were purchased by an individual it shouldn’t change anything. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t be completely sure, and the regulations are so confusing it even if I was a lawyer it’d be hard to understand. What has changed is that it is no longer possible for manufacturers to donate to Cigars for Warriors or the troops, although HR 5955 would change seems to change that if it passes. Read the excellent update on the subject on There’s a press release from CFW worth reading on the subject. (Read it here.)
  • The new Xikar XO cutter is talking the cigar accessory world by storm. It is a great looking piece of equipment. The guys at Developing Palates have done a good review of this accessory. (Check out their review here.) We Toast the, for the excellent review, and all the work they’re doing.

I’m going to be traveling this week, but there’s a lot more coming to in the coming weeks, including a bunch more reviews and a new What’s In Your Humidor?

All the best,
Jonathan David, editor

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