Toast of the Week (10/28/16)

Toast of the Week (10/28/16)

So, we’ve had a couple new reviews this week, and there are more coming. I recently did the math, and there are fewer than ten weeks until the release of our annual Top Ten Cigars list. There’s a lot of good cigars to get through before that happens. But enough about the future, here’s what happened this week in the cigar world…

I was in New York this week, and had a chance to stop by the Nat Sherman store on 42nd Street. I love that place. It’s what one expects from an old time New York City cigar shop. While I picked up some good cigars there (like the Schrader MMXIII), I also brought along some Southern Draw Kudzu and Herrera Esteli Maduro H-Town Lanceros with me, so I could enjoy a bit of my new home while hanging out in my old one.

Starting November 1, 2016, Jose Blanco will be joining EP Carrillo as their Senior Vice President of Sales. While Jose focuses on the EP Carrillo sale force, his wife Emma will run the day to day operations of the company that has released the Señoral and Freya cigar brands. Jose Blanco has always been a good friend of, and we Toast to his continued success in his new position. Our buddy William Cooper over at has a great news piece on the move. (Read the article here.)

The FDA has published a draft of its rules regarding the ingredient listing requirement for cigars. This has been one of those things people have been curious about. Since most cigars only include tobacco and vegetable based glue, there really aren’t “ingredients” to list in the traditional sense. has done a great job of covering the FDA story, and there is a whole article by Charlie Minato on the FDA Ingredient Listing Requirements. (Check out the article here.)

Cigar Authority has a review of the Charter Oak Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro Lonsdale on their site. The Charter Oak is the new value line from Nick Melillo’s Foundation Cigar Company. (Check out the Cigar Authority review here.)

The latest addition to the Cigar Dojo collaboration cigars has hit Famous Smoke Shop. The Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla II is the much anticipated sequel to the original collaboration between Master Sensei and Erik Espinosa. The cigar is the same blend as the original Sarsaparilla, but in a new 6” x 50 toro size that really highlights the cigar’s blend. I’ve had both the original and the new one, and I have to admit the new one in a little bit better. (Get more info on the Sensei’s Sensational Sarsaparilla II here. Then go order it online here.)

So, that’s about it for this week.

All the best,

Jonathan David, editor