Cigar Review: Gurkha Heritage Maduro

Cigar Review: Gurkha Heritage Maduro

Gurkha Cigar Group
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres)
Binder: Brazil (Arapiraca)
Filler: Brazil & Nicaragua
Size: 6 1/2” x 54
Strength: full
Price: $8.99

Overall Rating: 9.1

Last year’s Gurkha Heritage was quite well received upon its release, and at this year’s IPCPR in Las Vegas Gurkha featured the follow up cigar at its booth. The Gurkha Heritage Maduro has a Mexican San Andres wrapper, Brazilian Arapiraca binder, along with a blend of Brazilian and Nicaraguan fillers. The full bodied Heritage Maduro is one of the best cigars Gurkha has yet released, and is a Gurkha cigar for the non-Gurkha smoker.


Pre-Light: Coming wrapped in cedar, when on the store shelves, the Gurkha Heritage Maduro looks nearly identical to the original Heritage, except that the Maduro has a red foot band instead of green. Underneath the cedar covering is a dark Mexican San Andres wrapper, that is dry to the touch with just a slight oily sheen to it. The wrapper is a bit rugged looking, and features a fair amount of medium sized veins.


From the unlit foot of the cigar there is a strong barnyard scent that blends with cocoa and natural tobacco notes. Underneath the cedar wrapping there earth, barnyard and natural tobacco aromas to the Mexican San Andres wrapper of the Heritage Maduro. An easy cold draw allows through a mix of barnyard hay, earth, wood and subtle spice and pepper notes.


Burn: A draw that is near perfect lets through massive amounts of smoke. Though the burn line itself can be a bit wavy, the Gurkha Heritage Maduro burns evenly throughout the cigar.  This is a very fast burning cigar, so it’s actually impressive that the burn never gets out of control. A flakey ash has a tendency to fall off with no warning, so ash frequently unless you’d like to be brushing ash of you clothing.


Flavor: The Gurkha Heritage Maduro starts of with some bitter dark chocolate notes, that remind me of real Swiss chocolate and not the American stuff called Swiss chocolate. Earth, bitter cocoa, mild cedar and subtle black pepper notes all occur during the first third of the cigar. On the retrohale there is a good deal of pepper followed by some espresso notes. During the transition to the second third of the cigar there is just a hint of the metallic mineral note that I find many Gurkhas have. As the cigar continues on throughout the second third there is a lot of cocoa, earth, espresso, mild cedar, as well as white and black pepper flavors on the palate. Once again the mineral note occurs briefly during the transition to the final third of the cigar, but it disappears fairly quick. The earthiness begins to overtake the cocoa in the last third of the cigar, while black and white pepper linger on the palate. The last third  of the Gurkha Heritage Maduro has a lot of earth, dark cocoa and pepper flavor to it.


Overall: The Gurkha Heritage Maduro is nothing like any other Gurkha I’ve had, and I have to say that I like it. While the Heritage Maduro lack complexity, the flavor profile is enjoyable throughout the cigar. Bitter dark cocoa, earth, espresso and pepper make for an enjoyable flavor profile, while the draw and burn make for an easy smoking experience. The full bodied Nicaraguan cigar smoker looking for something a bit different will likely find this mix of Brazilian and Nicaraguan tobaccos worth giving a try. I first tried the Gurkha Heritage Maduro before as the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas, but have since enjoyed it on several other occasions, and each time I am impressed at how much I enjoyed this cigar. Gurkha has been coming a long way lately, and it is definitely worth giving them another try if it’s been a while since you last had one.


Pairing: The Gurkha Heritage Maduro pairs extremely well with a good sipping rum such as the Papa’s Pilar, Zafra 21, Angostura Gran Anejo 7 or El Dorado 12. Personally, I like the Kirk & Sweeney 12 with the Gurkha Heritage Maduro.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

Some cigars for this review were provided by Gurkha Cigar Company at the 2016 IPCPR in Las Vegas, and were received before August 8, 2016. Although the generosity is greatly appriciated, it in no way effects the Overall Rating of this cigar. At Toasted Foot LLC we remain committed to providing impartial cigar and product reviews.