Cigar Review: Hiram & Solomon Shriner

Cigar Review: Hiram & Solomon Shriner

Hiram & Solomon Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Sumatra)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Dominican Republic & Brazil
Size: 6” x 52
Strength: medium
Price: $11.00

Overall Rating: 9.0

Hiram & Solomon Cigars is a Masonic themed boutique brand that has released some very good cigars. With cigars themed for the Blue Lodge degrees including the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, the company has now turned its sites to the most well known of Masonic appendant bodies, the Shriners. The Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapped cigar is a medium bodied cigar that comes packaged in a humidor that is shaped like a Shiner Fez. Just like previous releases from Hiram & Solomon, the Shriner cigar makes a great gift for yourself or for the Shriner in your life.


Pre-Light: The Hiram & Solomon Shriner is a uniquely packaged cigar, coming in a hand made humidor shaped like a Shriner’s fez. Each humidor is made of 47 cedar pieces, and hold 20 Hiram & Solomon Shriner cigar. The cigars themselves are feature a sandy brown Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, that has a small amount of darker speckling. To the touch the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper feels very dry and a slight bumpiness. A gold and burgundy band bares the logo of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, which is the Freemasonic Appendant body that is responsible for the Shriners Hospitals for Children.


Hazelnut and wood notes are the main scents coming from the cigar’s Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The unlit foot of the Hiram & Solomon Shriner cigar feature a pleasant blend of cinnamon, hazelnut, graham cracker and subtle spice aromas. Flavors of oak, hazelnut coffee and cinnamon come through on a very easy cold draw.


Burn: The draw on the Hiram & Solomon Shriner is very easy and allows through plenty of smoke. Although the cigar burns fairly even, the burn line is very wavy, and I have a feeling it could get out of hand if smoked too quickly.


Flavor: The Hiram & Solomon Shriner begins with the hazelnut coffee flavor, and a very nice spice on the palate. An inch or so into the Shiner the spice dies down, and allows other background flavors to come through. Some subtle roasted nuts and toasted whole wheat bread flavors quickly join the hazelnut coffee flavor. On the retrohale there is a wonderful mix of coffee, nuts and subtle spice. As the cigar burns into the second third a slightly bitter cocoa note begins to develop. The second third of the cigar begins with a mix of coffee, cocoa and nut notes. At the halfway point, the spice that was present at the start of the cigar begins to come back to the flavor profile. During the transition to the final third of the Hiram & Solomon Shriner, the coffee flavor begins to develop a creamy cappuccino characteristic. Cappuccino, whole wheat toast, walnuts and mild spice notes make up the majority of the flavors turning the final third of the cigar. Toward the end of the last third of the Shriner cigar there is mix of oak, cappuccino and walnuts notes that continue until the end of the cigar.


Overall: The Hiram & Solomon Shriner pays tribute to the men of Shriners International that operates the twenty-two Shriners Hospitals for Children in North America. This Masonic appendant body is know for its Fez wearing Nobles, and it is quite cool how the guys at Hiram & Solomon have managed to pay tribute to that in the humidor which these cigars come in. The cigar itself quite good with a pleasing mix of hazelnut, coffee, bitter cocoa, toast and spice notes. An easy draw allows the flavors of this medium bodied cigar to come through nicely. Though the cigar is not overly complex, there is some nice interplay between existing flavors. Personally, I enjoyed the Shiner cigar and will try it again (provided I can find it). Because of the cigar’s theming the Hiram & Solomon Shriner makes a great gift, and since some of the proceeds go to support the good work of Shriners International the purchase price (which is not taken into account in the Overall Rating) is not unreasonable.


Pairing: Buffalo Trace, Bulleit Bourbon, Tin Cup or Hudson Manhattan Rye are the kind of American whiskies that pair well with the Hiram & Solomon Shriner. Some fruity and woody single malts, such as the Glenmorangie Lasanta, Glenfarclas 12 or Macallan 12 all go nicely with the Shriner cigar.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210

Cigar for this review were provided by Hiram & Solomon Cigars at the IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas before August 8, 2016. No request for review was made. Though the generosity is appreciated, it does not alter the Overall Rating of this cigar. At Toasted Foot LLC we remain committed to providing impartial cigar and product reviews.