Cigar Review: Mi Querida Fino Largo by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Cigar Review: Mi Querida Fino Largo by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: USA (Connecticut Broadleaf)
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6” x 48
Strength: full
Price: $8.95

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Overall Rating: 9.1

Steve Saka made a name for himself at Drew Estate, and was one of those involved with the Liga Privada line. So, fans of Saka have long awaited his return to working with Broadleaf tobacco. The much awaited Mi Querida is that highly anticipated return, and is what Saka calls this cigar a bit “dirtier” than the more refined Sobremesa. Like Saka’s other cigars, the Mi Querida is certain to be snapped up by his hard core fans, so it’s worth giving a try the second you see them hit your retailer’s shelf space.


Pre-Light: The Mi Querida has a simple, but elegant look to it. The gold and blue band epitomizes the blend of simplicity and elegance that make up this cigar. At first glance the band looks nice against the dark Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, but a closer look shows a lot of detail including patterning on the band’s blue background. Unlike most Broadleaf cigars, the Mi Querida’s wrapper has a smoothness to it and lacks major veins. There’s a nice oily sheen to the wrapper of this crude oil colored cigar.

The aroma from the wrapper is a mix of barnyard and earthiness with just a hint of cocoa. There are light chocolate, earth and coffee notes from the unlit foot. A fairly easy cold draw allows through a mix of earth, cocoa and a subtle grassiness.


Burn: Once lit, the draw on the Mi Querida is perfect throughout, and allows for a very large amount of smoke production. The cigar holds a beautiful looking white ash, that can have a slight tendency to fall off without warning. The Mi Querida Fino Largo burns fairly even. On one of the four smoked for this review, the burn did canoe a little in the second half, but a quick correction brought it back on track.


Flavor: There are early notes of earth and cocoa to the Mi Querida. What’s really interesting is the very unique sweetness that underlies the flavor profile of the Mi Querida Fino Largo. There’s a very mild peppery spice tingle on the tongue, but not what I’d traditional consider pepper or spice. On the retrohale there is a solid pepper and cocoa mix to the retrohale of the Mi Querida. Flavors of cinnamon, leather and wood also come through in the first third of the cigar. As the second third of the cigar gets going there is a creaminess that develops, while earth, cocoa, wood and mellow pepper continue to occur of the palate. During the transition to the final third the creaminess dissapears, and earthiness comes through in full force. A soil like earthiness blends with black pepper to form the backbone of the flavor profile during the last third of the Mi Querida Fino Largo. Through to the end of the cigar there is a good deal of earth and black pepper, backed up by cocoa and mild red pepper notes.


Overall: The Sobremesa, Steve Saka’s first cigar from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust earned a spot on our Top Ten Cigars of 2015 list, so I was quite curious to see what he’d do with his new Broadleaf cigar. I’ve always had a particular fondness for Broadleaf, though interestingly not really for the Drew Estate Broadleaf cigars that Saka was originally involved with. The Mi Querida is exactly what I’d want in an “everyday” Connecticut Broadleaf cigar. It’s got a decent amount of complexity and a uniqueness of flavor, while maintaining the sweet cocoa and earthiness that I associate with a good Broadleaf cigar. The Mi Querida Fino Largo has a lot going for it, and fans of Saka’s previous cigars, as well as full bodied Nicaraguan cigar enthusiasts should find the Mi Querida worth pick up a five pack or box. Personally, though there are other Broadleaf cigars I like better, I liked the Mi Querida and will definitely be adding it to my rotation of cigars. I can’t really say if I like the Mi Querida better than the Sobremesa, because they are two really different types of cigars, but I do think the Mi Querida stands up as a bolder more in your face kind of Broadleaf maduro. My experience has been that due to Steve Saka’s reputation the Mi Querida does not last very long once they hit the shelves, so it may be worth picking up while you can.


Pairing: The Mi Querida is one of those cigars that will pair with just about anything. Being as my DNA is very Scottish, I tend to favor single malts. Tobermory 10 is my go to single malt for pairing with the Mi Querida, but really I haven’t found ay beverage that seems to detract too much from the cigar’s flavor profile.


On a side note: The Sobremesa, Steve Saka’s first cigar since leaving Drew Estate, made our Top Ten Cigars of 2015 list mere weeks after its release. I hate to put a cigar in the Top Ten without really knowing how it holds up over time. Typically, I will smoke the cigars that are in the running for the Top Ten throughout the year to see if I still feel the same about them. I’m pleased to say that the Sobremesa has certainly held up over the past year, even becoming my buddy Reverend Don’s favorite cigar. In my opinion, the Mi Querida is likely to hold up in the same way, and should only continue to get better with time.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)