Cigar Review: Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 Maduro

Cigar Review: Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 Maduro

Padron Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Maduro)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 1/2” x 52
Strength: full
Price: $19.50

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Overall Rating: 9.1

To celebrate the 90th birthday of José Orlando Padrón, there are two new releases this year from Padrón Cigars, the 1926 Serie No. 90 with both Natural and Maduro wrappers. This special cigar is a departure from other cigars in the line released by the Padrón family in many ways. It is the first Padrón cigar to come in a tube, unlike the other cigars in the 1926 line it is not box pressed and it comes in small 5-count boxes. The maduro version of this cigar is something that is a great full bodied cigar that is certain to please the hard core and casual Padrón fans alike.


Pre-Light: The Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 (both natural and maduro) come in tubes, a first for Padrón Family cigars. The burgundy and gold tube of the No. 90 Maduro really does look special, and lends the cigar something a little extra. Packaged in 5-count boxes, which make buying the $20 cigar economical, the Padrón No. 90 Maduro is blatantly different in appearance from anything else Padrón has released. Further differentiation the No. 90 is that it, as well as its Natural wrapper counter-part, are not box-pressed like the rest of the 1926 line.


A typical Padrón 1926 band sits above a gold and burgundy secondary band. The Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 Maduro has a nice dark toothy wrapper that is the color of dark Ghirardelli chocolate, causing the cigar’s bands to really stand out. There are very few veins of any noticeable size to the maduro wrapper, while the construction seams are easily detectible. Despite being dry to the touch, there is a slight oily sheen to the cigar’s wrapper.


The Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper has a noticeable earthy and barnyard character to its aroma. From the unlit foot of the cigar there are scents of sweet chocolate, earth and a raspberry-like dried fruit note. On the cold draw a powdered cocoa flavor comes through very easily.


Burn: The Padrón 1926 No. 90 Maduro has a wonderfully easy draw that produced massive amounts of smoke. Throughout the cigar, the burn is quite even. After the first time the cigar is ashed, the ash holds to the cigar for no more than an inch, so it is important to ash frequently in order to avoid getting ash all over your clothing.


Flavor: Starting off right away there is a definite chocolatey cocoa flavor to the Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 Maduro, that is soon joined by black pepper notes. Earth, cocoa and pepper make up the backbone of the flavor profile of the Padrón No. 90 Maduro with little deviation through to the end of the cigar. There is a lot of black pepper and cocoa to the cigar’s retrohale. Towards the end of the first third of the No. 90 Maduro, there is a dark Cuban coffee flavor that joins the existing flavor profile. During the second third of the cigar the pepper mellows slightly, allowing some chocolate, coffee and earth notes to come through more clearly. As the final third of the cigar begins, the black pepper has begin to become stronger again. The final third of the cigar finishes with cocoa, pepper, coffee and earth flavors.


Overall: This first tubed cigar from the Padrón Family is interesting. Padrón fans are sure to like this cigar, because the flavor profile is similar to other past Padrón maduro releases. Like most Padrón offerings, the No. 90 Maduro is not a very complex cigar with very little development throughout the course of the smoking experience. The cocoa, earth, black pepper and coffee flavors that occur in the Padrón 1926 Serie No. 90 are quite pleasant and work well together. It’s one of the interesting things about Padrón, is that many cigars are so enjoyable despite their lack of complexity. Full bodied cigar enthusiasts who enjoy Nicaraguan tobacco will find the Padron No. 90 Maduro is worth giving picking up. Despite the fact that we don’t take price into account price in our Overall Rating, it’s worth mentioning that the Padrón 1926 No. 90 Maduro has a price tag of $19.50, but the limited nature and cigar’s packaging sort of justifies the price. I really enjoyed the Padrón No. 90 Maduro, and found it to be a perfect after dinner cigar. In fact, I liked it so much I smoked one after dinner on my birthday last week. I would definitely recommend that the full bodied cigar smoker give this cigar a try. Due to its packaging and small box size, the Padrón No. 90 makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for the full bodied cigar enthusiast. (Hint-hint, to my family members reading this.)


Pairing: This is a cigar that goes nicely with a wide variety of beverages. The Padrón 1296 Serie No. 90 Maduro pairs  best with a cup of coffee, cappuccino or espresso. Wine drinkers will find that a nice red wine will compliment the cigar nicely. The scotch drinker will find that fruitier single malts go well with this cigar, and I personally like a dram of the Bunnahabhain Marsala Finish with the Padrón No. 90 Maduro. A good sipping rum or bourbon will also pair pretty well with this cigar.


Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)