Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana 2017 Football Special Edition

Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana 2017 Football Special Edition

La Flor Dominicana
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano and Connecticut Shade)
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: 6 1/2” x 52 x 60
Strength: medium
Price: $15.00

Overall Rating: 8.6

Super Bowl LI is over, and once again the Patriots have won it all (despite no one telling the Falcons they were supposed to loose). Hopefully, it also means Houston will quiet down some, because the traffic and craziness has been making my blood pressure go through the roof. Luckily a good cigar to help take care of that, and since it’s Super Bowl, I have just the right cigar in the La Flor Domicana Special Football Edition 2017. With only 1500 boxes of ten being produced, the 2017 Football Special Edition is sure to be a sought after collector’s item.

Pre-Light: The La Flor Dominicana Football seems to get fancier every year, and the 2017 cigar is a true work of art. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper features trim around the foot and a cap that makes use of Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade tobacco, while a matching football design also occurs in the cigar’s middle made from the same Connecticut Shade tobacco. The torpedo cap even resembles the rounded shape of a football than that of a traditional torpedo head of a cigar. A rounded black and gold La Flor band completes that look of the Football Special Edition. The whole effect is that everything about the cigar’s looks all pay tribute to the sport that captures our attention from August to February every year.

Leather, wood and coffee scents from the wrappers of the LFD Football Special Edition. From the unlit foot of the cigar comes coffee, leather and nutmeg aromas can be picked up from the unlit foot of the cigar. The pre-light draw is very much on the firm side, and allows through just a bit of generic woodsiness.

Burn: The burn on the LFD Football Special Edition is a slightly inconsistent from cigar to cigar. The burn line is always a bit wavy, but only on one did it need correcting, and sometimes it seemed on the edge of going out of control. Despite that, the 2016 Football Special Edition holds an amazingly tight ash that only falls of when you want it to or when it reaches the three inch mark. While the pre-light draw seemed very firm, the lit cigar has a good draw, and it allows through a good deal of smoke.

Flavor: The La Flor Dominicana 2017 Football Special Edition begins with a mellow mix of leather and wood. Once the first third of the cigar begins to get going there is solid coffee note that joins the existing wood and leather. Just a hint of white pepper begins to occur on the palate, while the retrohale consists mostly of a leather note. As the cigar transitions to the second third there are some subtle hints of cinnamon that join a mix of hickory and oak, along with some coffee and mild white pepper. At the halfway point in the 2017 LFD Football Special Edition there is not much development to the flavor profile on the palate, but through the nose there is a fair amount of white pepper, leather and coffee. The final third cigar finishes with much the same flavors as it began with, though the intensity has built steadily throughout the second half.

Overall: As a work of art the 2017 La Flor Dominicana Football Special Edition is pretty impressive. As a smoking experience it is a little underwhelming. There is a consistent mix of leather, coffee and wood flavors throughout the cigar. The burn is a tad inconsistent, though the draw is quite nice. It’s a good cigar overall, but there is nothing (beyond its stellar looks) that makes this year’s Football Special Edition really stand out. Although we don’t take price into account in a cigar’s Overall Rating, it is worth pointing out that while the detailed work needed to create the look of the Football Special Edition’s look and cigar’s rarity justifies the $15.00 price point, the flavor profile seems a slightly lackluster for a cigar that price. Personally, I bought a box of the La Flor Dominicana 2017 Football Special Edition for the novelty of the cigar. A bit like the Patriots during the first three quarters of yesterday’s game, the LFD Football Special Edition fails to live up to its potential. I’d recommend the medium to full bodied cigar smoker pick a couple up to try, but it’s not necessarily cigar I would go crazy trying to seek out.

Pairing: The La Flor Dominicana 2017 Football Special Edition pairs nicely with a good bourbon. Personally, I like the Hudson Small Batch Bourbon or Angel’s Anvil with this cigar.

On a side note: Having purchased I box of this year’s Football Special Edition, I found that six of the ten cigars in the box had cracks near the foot of the cigar ranging from a quarter inch to an inch in length. At $150 per box of ten, this was very disappointing. After asking around, I found this was not an uncommon occurrence, and several of my friends had similar problems. While it didn’t impair the smoking experience, it is worth pointing out.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)