Cigar Review: Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

Cigar Review: Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

Southern Draw Cigars
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador (Sun Grown Connecticut)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
Size: 6” x 52
Strength: mild-medium
Price: $9.99

Overall Rating: 9.0

Last year released its first Connecticut cigar with the QuickDraw Connecticut, and since the release of that cigar, many have wondered if there would be a Connecticut addition to their core line of cigars. Finally, there is one, with the release of the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. As with previous cigars in the core line, the company is keeping with its theme of flower plant name, while also drawing on the biblical expression that first appeared in the King James Bible in 1611, the Song of Solomon 2:1 “I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valley”. The cigar’s name is also a tribute to Sharon Holt, who has put a great amount of time, energy and devotion into making the boutique brand what it is today.

Pre-light: The Southern Draw Rose of Sharon is a very attractive cigar. The traditional Southern Draw band stands out nicely, but it is the secondary band with the cigar’s name that is really interesting. The secondary band in pink in color and evokes images of both roses and the woman that the cigar is named for, while not being “girly” in its appearance. Box-pessed, with rounded edges, the cigar fits nicely in the hand. The light khaki colored Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper is free from prominent veins, and is dry to the touch while maintaining a slight oily sheen.

The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper has strong aroma of barnyard hay. Because the Rose of Sharon features a covered foot there is no distinct scents from the cigar’s foot. The pre-light draw is a bit on the firm side, but that is due wholly to the covered foot. Flavors of graham cracker, hay, oats and nuts come through on the cold draw.

Burn: The Rose of Sharon, like all Southern Draw Cigars, has a great draw that allows through plenty of flavorful smoke. From start to finish, the Rose of Sharon is a evenly burning cigar. The ash clings somewhat firmly to the cigar, only falling off when tapped against an ashtray.

Flavor: An instant bit of grass appears as the covered foot of the cigar burns to ash, but soon dissipates into a mellow mix of oak, cashew and barnyard hay flavors. Fairly quickly the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon, develops just the slightest hint of black pepper in the background that also lingers on the tongue after each puff, which is unique for a Connecticut cigar. As the Rose of Sharon burns into the second third the primary flavors are oak, cereal, cashews and graham cracker, while in the background there is a mild blend of black pepper and herbal spice. On the retrohale, there is a mix of hay, graham and mild herbal spice. The oak and cashew flavors get more pronounced towards the end of the second third of the Rose of Sharon. During the transition to the final third of the cigar the black pepper is more noticeable, but it never becomes become too much. The final third features a balanced blend of cereal, oak, cashew and mellow pepper. It the final inch or so of the Rose of Sharon there is a tiny bit of grassiness to joins the existing flavors, but it never becomes off putting.

Overall: Many times when a company (especially the boutique variety) known for medium-full to full bodied cigars tries to make a Connecticut cigar it can often be disappointing to fans of brand, but the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon easily avoids this pitfall. The Rose of Sharon manages to be mild enough to be a great introduction to the brand for the novice cigar smoker, but just enough strength and pepper for fans of other cigars from Southern Draw. Manufactured at the Tabacalera Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Rose of Sharon is a great addition to Southern Draw’s core line of cigars. It’s the kind of cigar that is perfect for those who no longer find the ultra mild cigars most novices begin smoking to be to their liking, but find medium-full or full bodied cigars to be a bit too strong for them. Personally, I find this to be a great first cigar of the mayor a good cigar for a hot summer day. I’d definitely recommend giving the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon a try when you find them.

Pairing: The Rose of Sharon pairs well with a wide variety of beverages. Being a great cigar for a hot summer day, the Rose of Sharon pairs nicely with a glass of Rosé wine.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)

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