Cigar Review: Avo Syncro South America Ritmo Torpedo

Cigar Review: Avo Syncro South America Ritmo Torpedo

Avo Cigars / Davidoff AG
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Honduras & Dominican Republic
Size: 7” x 54
Strength: medium to medium-full
Price: $13.90

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Overall Rating: 9.2

The newest release from Avo in its Syncro line, which ventured beyond the company’s Dominican roots with cigars like the Avo Syncro Nicaragua and Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, is the Avo Syncro South America Ritmo. The Spanish word for “rhythm” gives the Ritmo its name, as the cigar’s blend is a medley of seven different tobaccos from seven different countries. Hendrik Kelner’s unique blend of tobaccos from Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras and the Dominican Republic gives the Avo Syncro South America Ritmo a flavor profile unlike anything in the Avo portfolio. This medium bodied regular production cigar is sure to become a favorite among existing fans of the brand, as well as those new to Avo cigars.

Pre-Light: The Avo Syncro South America Ritmo in the torpedo largo size is a great looking cigar. The large box-pressed torpedo is of a length more typical of a Churchill, meaning there is a lot of cigar to enjoy. A dark Ecuadorian wrapper has an earthy characteristic to its dark chocolatey color. Dry to the touch, there is still a nice oily sheen to the cigar’s wrapper. The blue, teal and yellow color scheme of the cigar’s band and secondary band really stand out against the Ecuadorian wrapper. The primary band features the recently updated Avo logo with the words “South America” under it, while a teal secondary band features the word “Ritmo” on it. With its dark wrapper, unique size and bright bands, the Syncro South America Ritmo torpedo largo stands out on increasingly overcrowded retailer shelves.

From the wrapper of the Avo Synco South America Ritmo there is pleasant earthiness along with scents of leather and fresh coffee beans. The unlit foot of the cigar has a mix of coffee, leather and mild cocoa aromas. A nice cold draw allows flavors of leather, grass, wood and coffee beans to easily come through.

Burn: The draw on the Avo Syncro South America is perfect, allowing through plenty of flavorful smoke. From start to finish the Avo Syncro Ritmo Torpedo Largo is an even burning cigar. A white/gray ash holds well to the end of the cigar, and only falls off when tapped lightly against an ashtray.

Flavor: Right from the start, there is a pleasant blend of coffee and cocoa flavors that come through the Avo Syncro South America Ritmo. The first third of the Avo Ritmo is dominated by an earthy mix of cocoa and coffee flavors. Early on, the retrohale is primarily consists of a coffee note with a small amount of black pepper. There is just a slight hint of roasted almonds towards the end of the cigar’s first third. As the Ritmo burns into the second third the flavor profile begins to develop a pleasant creaminess. Black coffee and cocoa still forms the flavor profile, while roasted almonds, wood, subtle grass and a little bit of pepper all occur. Throughout the second third of there is an undercurrent of black pepper that lingers on the tongue. As the final third of the cigar begins there is a transition back to earthiness. The black pepper note becomes slightly more prominent, and balances well with notes of earth, black coffee and roasted almonds.

Overall: The Avo Syncro South America Ritmo is unlike anything that has born the Avo name. It is an interesting new direction for the brand that should please avid cigar enthusiast who may have shied away from Avo in favor of smaller boutique brands. Where many Avo cigars feature a woody profile, the Avo Syncro South America Ritmo has an earthy mix of coffee and cocoa. The cigar’s flavors are very well balanced. The Ritmo is medium to medium-full bodied, but it is not an overly strong cigar. Construction on Ritmo Torpedo Largo is quite good, and in line with what one would expect in an Avo cigar. Personally, I found the Avo Ritmo to be one of the better new cigars I smoked so far this year. I very much liked this cigar, and have some sitting down to age. It is easy to see why my friend Carlos finds the Ritmo to be one of his new favorite cigars, and worth buying a box of, although he preferred the toro vitola. I’d highly recommend giving the Avo Syncro South America Ritmo a try.

Pairing: The Avo Syncro Ritmo is one of those cigars that pairs well with almost any beverage from a high end sipping rum or single malt to an amber ale or soda. Personally, I find the Zafra 21 Rum to be an excellent compliment to Ritmo. The single malt drinker may want to give the Balvenie 14 CaribbeanCask or the Glenmorangie Lasanta a try with the Avo Syncro South America Ritmo.

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@JonDavid1210)