Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary LE Toro

Cigar Review: Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary LE Toro

My Father Cigars
Country: Nicaragua 
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6 1/2” x 52
Strength: medium to medium-full

Price: $24.00

Overall Rating: 9.2 

To celebrate the 15 years since the launch of his original Don Pepin Garcia brand, My Father Cigars has released the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been 15 years since Garcia released his namesake cigar brand, because Don Pepin’s cigars helped to launch the trend toward full bodied peppery Nicaraguan cigars that are so popular now. Coming in two sizes (robusto and toro), the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary is limited to 2,000 boxes of 14 individually coffined cigars of each size. To the limited edition nature of the cigar and the popularity of the My Father brand, the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary won’t likely last long on retailer’s shelves.  

Pre-Light: The Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary comes in individual coffins in 14-count boxes. The cigar inside the box is a very impressive looking cigar. An elaborate mainly blue and gold band bears the words “Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary” in the center, while the words “Limited Edition” (the cigar is limited to 2000 boxes) appear on the bottom of it. There is a striking golden yellow footboard that really stands out with the raised initials “DPG” and the “2018” on it. Though slightly bumpy and with visible veins this does not distract from the overall appearance of the cigar. The Nicaraguan Habano wrapper has a beautiful oily sheen to it, and the cigar is finished off with a nice triple cap. All in all, this is a very good looking cigar.

From the cigar’s wrapper there is a strong mix of oak and leather aromas. The unlit foot of the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary has a mild sweetness to it with scents of cinnamon, generic wood, hay and mild spice. A somewhat firm cold draw allows though flavors of cedar, cinnamon, coffee, nutmeg and hay. 

Burn: The draw on the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary Toro has a good draw that lets through a fair amount of smoke, and only gets easier as time goes on. Slow and even burning throughout, a firm white ash clings to the foot of the cigar nicely. 

Flavor: Initially the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary starts out fairly mild with a very mellow flavor profile. Generic wood and something slightly sweet resembling milk chocolate start of the 15th Anniversary. Soon into the cigar cedar flavor begins to take over the flavor profile, with background herbal and floral notes. There is just hint of spice on the tongue, but like all the flavors in the first third of the cigar it is pleasantly mellow. Through the nose there is a blend mild mix of spice and pepper. During the transition to the second third of the cigar both the strength and depth of flavor increase. A coffee note joins the existing flavors, and compliments charred cedar along with floral and herbal flavors. By this point in the cigar it is medium bodied and full flavored. Just past the halfway point of the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary Toro the spice really begins to pick up and become more noticeable. As the cigar burns into the final third, there is a slow build in both the cigar’s strength and the flavor profile’s boldness. Mild black pepper begins to appear alongside the mix of coffee, charred cedar and spice notes. The Pepin 15th Anniversary Toro ends full bodied with coffee and pepper flavors.  

Overall: Don Pepin Garcia and My Father Cigars have made some of my favorite cigars over the years, including the Don Pepin Garcia Original, My Father Le Bijou and the My Father La Opulencia. The My Father Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary was released to celebrate the fifteen years since the launch of his own brand. Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary. The Don Pepin Garcia Original has been one of my go to everyday cigars for many years now, so I was excited to try the 15th Anniversary. Choosing the toro vitola of the cigar, I was quite pleased with what I found. The Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary Toro is a well balanced cigar with an interesting building in strength and boldness of flavor throughout. In a very interesting way, the cigar is almost three separate cigars; a mild mellow cigar in the first third, a medium bodied cedary cigar in the second third, and a full bodied mildly peppery cigar in the last third. Fans of Pepin cigars will find it both different from and familiar to cigars that they have grown to love. Personally, I found the Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary Toro to be a great cigar, that should age well. Due to its limited production, the 15th Anniversary will likely not last long on store shelves, so it’s worth picking some up while they are still available. 

Pairing: The Don Pepin Garcia 15th Anniversary pairs well with a good cup of cappuccino or espresso, which is my personal choice for pairing with the cigar. A nice Highland single malt such as the Clynelish 14, Edradour 12, Dalmore 15 or Cragganmore Distiller’s Edition will all pair nicely with the 15th Anniversary. 

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@toastedfoot)