Cigar Review: Toraño Vault W-009 Toro

Cigar Review: Toraño Vault W-009 Toro

Toraño Cigars / Genral Cigar Co
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua (Jalapa Sungrown)
Binder: Honduras 
Filler: Honduras 
Size: 6” x 50
Strength: medium
Price: $6.49

Overall Rating: 8.8

Now under the supervision of Jack Toraño, since General Cigar Co. acquired the Toraño Family Cigar Company, the brand has had some great new releases such as the new Toraño Exodus. In the past, the Toraño Family had released cigars based on the family’s 34 year old blend book started in 1982 by Carlos Toraño, Sr., such as the Toraño Vault A-008. Jack Toraño and the General blend team reworked some of these original blend recipes. The Toraño Vault W-009 is one of these re-envisioned blends, making use of a Nicaraguan Jalapa Sungrown wrapper over a Honduran binder and filler. This new Toraño Vault release is a good everyday cigar at a reasonable price that will introduce a whole new group of cigar enthusiasts to the Toraño brand. 

Pre-Light: The new Toraño Vault W-009 features a medium brown Nicaraguan Jalapa Sungrown wrapper, with a very bumps and small veins. A large yellow and black band, that has the obviously unoriginal resemblance to that of another large cigar brand, stands out sharply against the cigar’s wrapper. 

From the Sungrown wrapper there is a noticeable leather aroma with a bit of earthiness also. The unlit foot has scents of cocoa, cinnamon, and a slight hint of leather. A fairly easy cold draw allows through a sweetness that carries flavors of leather and cocoa. 

Burn: The burn of the Toraño Vault W-009 Toro is pretty even. Though the burn is a bit wavy, it never need correcting from a lighter. The draw is excellent, and allows through plenty of flavorful smoke. A gray ash clings well to the end of the cigar. 

Flavor: Starting off, the Toraño Vault W-009 begins with flavors of leather and generic wood. As the cigar gets going, about a half inch in, a small amount of spice joins the existing leather and wood notes. What begins as generic wood soon develops into a floral cedar flavor. On the retrohale there is a blend of leather, spice and cedar notes. The first third of the W-009 is made up of floral cedar, leather, coffee, spice and a hint or red pepper flavors. During the transition to the second third of the cigar the main flavors are cedar and coffee, which dominate throughout remainder of the Vault W-009. The Vault W-009’s second third consists mainly of coffee and cedar with background notes of leather, spice and mild red pepper. The final third of the cigar continues with the same flavors as the second, although they begin to mellow slightly towards the very end of the cigar. 

Overall: What is will happen when a big company takes over a boutique brand is always something of a concern to cigar enthusiasts, but the Toraño brand has been well take since  General Cigar Co. purchased it. Like the Toraño Exodus, the Toraño Vault W-009 is good cigar, but is a great value. Although we don’t take price into account in our Overall Rating of a cigar, the W-009 seems like a bit of a steal with an MSRP of $6.49. Not overly complex, the medium bodied Toraño Vault W-009 Toro has a fair amount of flavor. Leather and cedar flavors dominate the cigar’s flavor profile, while coffee, spice and mild red pepper round it out. I liked the new Toraño W-009, and have found myself going back to it several times since initially trying it. It is definitely worth giving the W-009 a try, especially if you’re looking for a good everyday cigar on a budget. 

Pairing: When it comes to pairing, the Toraño Vault W-009 goes well with a wide variety of beverages, which only enhances its appeal as an everyday cigar. As an everyday cigar, I personally like pairing it with a Dublin Diet Root Beer or Coke Zero. However, those looking for something stronger find that anything from an ale (ie.  Newcastle), sipping rum (ie. Zafra 21, Appleton Estate Extra 12), Highland single malt (ie. Dalmore 12, Oban Little Bay) or bourbon (ie. Angel’s Envy, Four Roses Small Batch) will all pair quite well with this cigar. 

Reviewed by Jonathan David (@toastedfoot)