WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Why I Love Cigars Contest – 100 Cigar Grand Prize – to Celebrate JD’s Wedding 


The response to our Why I Love Cigars Contest was amazing. There were 177 total entries of all kinds. Some were long, some were short, some were serious, and some were quite funny. This contest was meant to celebrate my wedding, but it turned into something much more. It became a celebration of the stories that brought us to this lifestyle that forges lifelong friendships and a true sense of community. I think that Dave G’s entry put it best, “I love cigar because of all the wonderful, amazing stories like there from all these incredible people. After reading through all these comments, all I can say is Wow! Well done everyone!”


As for the reason for this giveaway, my recent wedding, it was an amazing night. The minister who performed the ceremony has been someone I’ve smoked cigars with for years, the flowers arrangements were done by another buddy from the cigar lounge and the invitations were done by the wife of one of founding SAD (Stogies Adult Daycare) members. (The flower were actually arranged inside cigar boxes.) Jorge at Stogies did an amazing job engraving the Crowned Heads Yellow Rose for our guests to enjoy. Nearly half our wedding guests were BOTL/SOTL, which made it all the more special.


So, now to what you really want to know. After returning from our honeymoon my wife poured over all 177 entries to find the entries she liked best. It was difficult to narrow the entries down to a handful, but she agonized over the choosing the final three. All the entries were so wonderful to read. So here are the three main prize winners as chosen by my wife…

“I may never drive a Ferrari, or spend my summers in the Hamptons. I may never sleep with thet supermodel, or traverse the world on a private yacht. But I can smoke some of the best cigars in the world, and when I do… lost in the relaxation and enjoyment… I’m as content as any king.”

Doug, my wife would like you to know that she hopes the money you will save by winning our grand prize will help you save up towards a trip to the Hamptons. Congrats from both of us! We’re actually sending 101 cigar to you, because we’re including the special Crowned Heads Yellow Rose


“I love cigars because they make my husband happy. He says that they relax him, that they make him temporarily forget his everyday worried like bills, money, work and yes even “wife” issues. He says when he is having a good smoke that it seems to make him think clearer and make better decisions. Like his brain goes on a mini vacation!”

Nicole, hopefully the cigars you won give your husband’s brain plenty of “mini vacation” time. It was amazing how many women entered our contest, either for themselves or their husbands. It’s great to see the SOTL come out in such force.

“I smoke cigars cause when I met my wife, she said she didn’t date guys that smoke cigarettes. She now complains about my cigars. I told her that she needed to be more specific. I walk a fine line.”

John, I’m pretty sure she picked your entry, because I too often walk a fine line. We hope you enjoy your prize.

I picked a couple entries myself to receive a small pack of Stogies H-Town Lanceros. These were people whose entries weren’t picked by Blair, but I wanted to send them a little something anyhow. I really wish we could have sent everyone something.

“I love cigars because they help me relax. When my kids are being assholes or work sucks, I know I can relax with a good smoke.”

“I love cigars because, because, becacaaaauuuuusssse. Because of the wonderful things they does.” Please sing to the tune of ‘We’re off to see the Wizard’.”

“Congrats on the Wedding, you will love it!
When I was single I smoked cigars for enjoyment but moreover, for the social aspect. Then, as life does, that changed. I got married. Then I smoked cigars while I worked on the house, sat in the garage, or just enjoyed a sunset from my back yard. I enjoyed time with my new best friend, my wife. I guess this was more of a “smoke to relax and reflect” scenario. Then, wouldn’t you know, life changed again. I was married 5 years ago and we both decided to wait a while to start a family. On 12/25/15 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy to our family. Then, as you can imagine, I smoked in celebration!! Well, for the first two months after, smoking kind of ceased, as did our sleep. LOL! Now that the waters have settled, I find myself smoking to escape and unwind a bit. I found that this act has actually given me the strength to be a better dad. Trust me, there’s nothing that can throw a man into a midlife crisis in his thirties like a crying baby and a sleep deprived wife! Now that he’s a little older, I find myself smoking to relax again and have some one on one time with myself. Throughout my life, I have found many reasons why I love to smoke (my wife calls them excuses, but what does she know ;), and as my life progresses, there is no doubt I will find more. Whether its in celebration, relaxations, escape, to contemplate life, or any other reason, the Leaf has always treated me right and helped me to make good, informed, and well thought out decisions (AKA getting married). LOL!
In short, the cigar has always been good to me, like a good dog, or a best friend.
As you continue on through your journey into marriage, I know that you too will find many more reasons to “Love To Smoke!””

“I actually started smoking cigars because my husband did and it turned out to be something we enjoyed together. My husbands other passion is theater. When I go out to the shop while he is in rehearsals I am able to go and feel comfortable. There is a friendship there like no other. When my mom passed last fall, the love and friendship I felt from these people was unbelievable. My family was even amazed at how many people were there for me. This is all because of the love of cigar smoking. I wish you both much joy and happiness. This year my husband and I celebrate our 25th anniversary. Always remember to tell each other that you love each other and always kiss good night and goodbye.”

Congratulations to all our winners! I wish I could afford to send everyone who participated something, because there were so many wonderful heartfelt stories. One reason I love running this site is because of all the great people I get meet. I’m honored for the opportunity this contest gave me to get to know our readers a little better. I hope all of you continue to return and enter our future contests and giveaways.
All the best,
Jonathan David


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