A Primer On How We Score Cigars

When ToastedFoot.Com changed hands we had  to decide on how we would go about scoring cigars.  ToastedFoot has historically used a 10 point scale that focused on Pre-Light, Burn, Taste, and an Overall score that added up to a possible total of 10.

After some thought we decided that we would continue with the original ToastedFoot.Com methodology to retain continuity with the fine work of our predecessors.  However after writing a number of reviews and comparing scores with the work done by Mathew and Jed, we noticed a bit more fluctuation in our scores so we decided to address these differences in this primer.

A few simple ideas come to mind:

1. Cigar reviewing is 100% subjective, we all have different palettes, different tastes, and not everyone finds the same tastes, or strengths in a cigar.

2. Premium Cigars are hand rolled from large batches of tobacco, there may be some inconsistencies between individual cigars based on the craftsman, the crop, the age of the cigar, as well as other factor.

3. Because of the subjective nature of enjoying a cigar there can be no 100% perfect score.  I may consider a cigar amazing to my palate, while it might not have the same appeal to you.

A simple rule of thumb that I use in reviews breaks down as follows:

9.9-9.5   Amazing and certainly special, reserved for cigars that are absolutely memorable

9.4-9.0   Box-Worthy, no doubt it

8.9-8.5   Definitely worth a five pack and space in the humidor

8.4-8.0  Seek out and smoke again

7.9-7.5   Average,  worth another try

7.4-7.0   Not quite average

6.9-        Well, you get the idea here…….

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