Acme Cigar Company Cigar Giveaway
Cigar Giveaway: 66 Acme Cigar Giveaway all February

This month is the 70th Anniversary of the song “(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66”, so it seemed only right that we team up with the company behind the Acme Route 66 cigar. So, our friends Jay Lundy and Tom Poehler (no relation to Amy) have made this very awesome giveaway possible. We’ll be giving away six 11-pack cigars throughout the month of February.

Acme Route 66 Tandem Cigar
Cigar Review: Acme Route 66 Tandem

With the economy being what it is, cigar smokers are constantly on the lookout for good cigars at great prices. The guys at Acme have managed to do just that, but rather than stop there, they have managed to find a way to give cigar enthusiasts two good cigars for the price of just one. Meant for those times when you are sharing a cigar with friend, the 8 1/2 inch Acme Route 66 Tandem can either be cut in half to share or smoked all the way through. The cigar is rolled in such a way that cutting it in two does not effect the integrity of the cigar.

Tabaquero by Hamlet from Rocky Patel cigar review
Cigar Review:Tabaquero by Hamlet (Rocky Patel Premium Cigars)

Few people in the United States know who Hamlet Padres is, and even I have to confess that when I first herd the cigar it took a good deal of thinking to some up with where I knew the name from. Padres is a well know Cuban cigar roller, who moved from Cuba to the U.S. last year, with help form Rocky Patel. Now, under the Rocky Patel, Hamlet has produced his own brand...

San Cristobal Ovation cigar by Ashton
Cigar Review: San Cristobal Ovation

In 2014, Ashton Cigars released the limited edition La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse (our Cigar of the Year that year). At the 2015 IPCPR Trade Show they announced that the San Cristobal brand would be getting the same special treatment with a limited edition cigar named the San Cristobal Ovation. Finally hitting stores late in 2015 and early 2016, the San Cristobal Ovation is made at My Father Cigars S.A., and is a full bodied cigar certainly worthy of the ovation that its name implies.

What's in Your Humidor? with Jara "H-Town Cigar Babe"

There seems to be a growing segment of women cigar smokers, so it seemed only night to feature a women running a cigar shop in our What’s in Your Humidor? series. For the first woman to feature I turned to my friend Jara (@htowncigarbabe) from Houston’s Briar Shoppe. Like many women in the cigar industry, Jara is more that just a pretty face, having worked for both manufactures and retailers, and is a Certified Retail Tobacconist from Tobacconist University.

Camacho Shellback LE 2015 Cigar Review
Cigar Review: Camacho Shellback LE 2015

In 2015, Camacho released the Shellback, the first of what it has termed its “Brotherhood Series”, which will likely be a whole series of Limited Edition cigars honoring the military. The Shellback takes its name from a term used to refer to a sailor or Marine who crosses the equator for the first time. From the sea green band color to the compass on the cigar’s box, the Shellback is a well themed cigar, but on top of that it is a very flavorful cigar.


Cigar Review: Tabaquero by Hamlet (Rocky Patel Premium Cigars)

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres) Binder: Brazil & Mexico Filler: Nicaragua Size: 6” x 52 Strength: medium-full Price: $8.50 Overall Rating: 9.0 Few people in the United States know who Hamlet Padres is, and even I have to confess that when I first herd the cigar it took a good deal of thinking to some up with where...

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Cigar Review: East India Company Classic Cigar Havana Blend Lancero

Gurkha Cigar Group / East India Trading Co.   Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Mexico (San Andres) Binder: Proprietary Filler: Proprietary Size: 7” x 42 Strength: full Price: $8.00 Overall Rating: 8.8 When Gurkha announced the East India Trading Company brand it was with the intention of making cigars that were a bit “outside the box” from the traditional Gurkha...

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Toasted Foot’s Top Ten Cigars of 2015

Well, it’s once again that time when we look back at the past year and ruminate on all the things that have happened. Here at we have continued to grow and add new features, while trying to keep a (fairly) steady review schedule. We brought back the much loved “What’s In Your Humidor?” interview feature, added our (at least) once per month...

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Cigar Review: Viaje Stuffed Turkey (White & Dark Meat) 2015

Viaje Cigars Country: Honduras Wrapper (White Meat): Nicaragua (Aganorsa Criollo) Wrapper (Dark Meat): Mexico (San Andres) Binder: Nicaragua Filler: Nicaragua Size: 5” x 58 Strength (White Meat): medium-full Strength (Dark Meat): full Price: $10.00 Overall Rating (White Meat): 8.9 Overall Rating (Dark Meat): 8.7 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so it seems only right...

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Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Super Ligero

Rocky Patel Cigars Country: Honduras Wrapper: Ecuador (Habano) Binder: Honduras Filler: Nicaragua & Costa Rica Size: 6 1/2” x 52 Strength: full to very full Price: $7.00 Click here to buy it now. Overall Rating: 8.8 Rocky Patel has been a fixture in the cigar industry for twenty years now, and has become (as I like to refer to him) the Donald Trump of...

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