La Flor Dominicana TAA 2014 cigar
Cigar Review: D'Crossier Golden Blend

The D’Crossier Golden Blend from Miami based Pure Aroma Cigars is a well aged medium bodied Costa Rican cigar. The company claims that 40 percent of the tobacco in the Golden Blend is from 2004 and that the cigars are aged in boxes for over a year. This cigar has the qualities that are typically associated with other well aged cigar. The top notch and the woodsy flavors makes this a boutique cigar worth searching out.

Caldwell Long Live the King Lancero cigar
Cigar Review: Caldwell Long Live the King Lancero

Robert Caldwell has been in the cigar industry a long time, but his boutique brand Caldwell Cigars is something new. They are still in the process of rolling out the line at select shops across the country. There is a quality and passion to these cigars that is very impressive. Perhaps the star of the new Caldwell line is the Long Live The King lancero. Wood and spice dominate this flavorful superbly constructed medium bodied lancero.

Camacho Ecuador Churchill cigar
Cigar Review: Camacho Ecuador Churchill

The Camacho Ecuador is an interesting new direction for Camacho. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is grown in the rugged soil beneath the Andes Mountains. When mixed with the Brazilian Mata Fina binder and Dominican and Honduran fillers create a unique blend of citrus, mint, oak, leather and chocolate flavors. The Camacho Ecuador is a great addition to the new Camacho line. With its reasonable price and great flavor the Ecuador is a great everyday cigar.

My Father La Antiguedad cigar
Cigar Review: My Father La Antiguedad

With their newest release, My Father has resurrected an old Cuban brand called La Antiguedad. The name translates as “The Antiquity” and it is similar to the Flor de las Antillas in appearance. This latest My Father cigar features an Ecuadorian wrapper with double Nicaraguan binders (both Criollo and Corojo). With chocolate and coffee as the backbone, there are also flavors of hazelnut, leather, spice and pepper. The La Antiguedad is a flavorful full bodied cigar that is sure to delight fans of the Garcia family.

Quesada 40th Salomon Press cigar
Cigar Review: Quesada 40th Salomon Press

The Quesada family has been making cigar for five generations, and in celebration of Manuel Quesada’s 40 years of dedication to the industry they have released the Quesada 40th. The 40th Salomon Press is a uniquely shaped cigar full of cocoa, coffee, cedar and pepper flavors. This is one of those cigars that you let age in the humidor and save for special occasions. My friend Issy at Smoke Inn Cigars turned me onto this cigar, and I need to thank him next time I see him because it was quite good.

Leccia Luchador Loco Perfecto Cigar
Cigar Review: Leccia Luchador Loco Perfecto

The Leccia Luchador takes it name from the famous masked Lucha Libre wrestlers in Mexico. Like those wrestlers the Luchador Loco Perfecto (litter all meaning “crazy perfect” in Spanish) is a spicy and peppery heavyweight that is sure to please. Packed full of every conceivable pepper flavor from crush red and ground black to green pepper. It’s an interesting mix of tobaccos that gives the Luchador its unique problem, including use of Pennsylvania Ligero.
Guest Article: The FDA is Officially Creeping Into Your Humidor by Glynn Loope

We wrote our first article about what federal regulation of cigars could mean on June 12, 2009. Seems like a lifetime. During that time, many thought it was a case of ‘crying wolf,’ with thoughts the U.S. Food & Drug Administration would be consumed with attacking other tobacco products well into the next decade, or even another generation. On that date in June of ’09, I stated “the actions of the agency will have to be monitored on a consistent basis.”

601 La Bomba Bunker Buster Cigar from Smoke Inn Mircoblend
Cigar Review: 601 La Bomba Bunker Buster (Smoke Inn Mircoblend)

On June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day, Smoke Inn will release the latest cigar in its Microblend Series, the 601 La Bomba Bunker Buster from Espinosa cigars. A large launch party will be held at the Smoke Inn Casa de Monte Cristo in Boyton Beach, where to honor those who served our country, any active or former military will receive a free cigar and cocktail with a military ID. It’s nice to see the military aspect of the 601 Bunker Buster carried over to even its launch party.

Cigar Review: Toraño Vault A-008 Torpedo

Toraño Cigars Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Nicaragua Binder: Honduras & Nicaragua (Ometepe) Filler: Nicaragua (Estelí & Condega) Size: 6 x 50 Strength: full bodied Price: Click here to buy now Overall Rating: 8.5 The Toraño Family has a long history in the cigar industry dating all the way back to 1916. However, the story of the Toraño Vault line of...

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Cigar Review: Davidoff Art Edition 2014

Davidoff Cigars Country: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Dominican Republic Binder: Dominican Republic Filler: Dominican Republic (Mejorado) Size: 5 15/16″ x 54 Strength: mild to mild-medium Price: $35.00 MSRP Overall Rating: 8.5 Davidoff is a brand that has been associated with the art world for a long time, but in 2012 Davidoff became an Associate Partner of...

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Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Nimmy D

Rocky Patel Cigars Country: Nicaragua Wrapper: Nicaragua (Habano) Filler: Honduras Binder: Nicaragua & Honduras Size: 6 x 60 Strength: full bodied Price: $8.40 Click here to buy it now Overall Rating: 8.6 Say what you want about Rocky Patel cigars, but few people have done as much for the cigar industry in recent years as Rocky has. Now his brand has...

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Cigar Review: La Palina El Dario KB

La Palina Cigars Country: Honduras Wrapper: Honduras (’99 Rosado) Binder: Honduras (’98 Criollo x 2) Filler: Nicaragua (Corojo ’99 & Criollo ’98) Size: 4 1/4″ x 40 Strength: medium bodied Price: $9.00 Click here to buy it now Overall Rating: 8.8 Once in a while there just isn’t the time to enjoy a large cigar, and even a...

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Cigar Review: D’Crossier Golden Blend Robusto

Pure Aroma Cigars Country: Costa Rica Wrapper: Ecuador Binder: Costa Rica Filler: Costa Rica & Nicaragua Size: 4 7/8″ x 50 Strength: mild to medium Price: N/A Overall Rating: 8.9 The D’Crossier Golden Blend from Miami based Pure Aroma Cigars is a well aged medium bodied Costa Rican cigar. The company claims that 40 percent of the tobacco in the...

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