Hurricane Harvey One Love
Houston Strong: The Cigar Industry and Hurricane Harvey

It’s hard to believe that there’s anyone out there who hasn’t heard about Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that it caused over the Greater Houston Area. In a period of less than a week, Hurricane Harvey dumped enough water on South Texas to fill the entire San Francisco Bay TWICE!

Altadis H. Upmann Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez
Cigar Review: H. Upmann Nicaragua by AJ Fernandez

Over the last few years Altadis has teamed up with outside cigar makers, like with Pete Johnson on the Henry Clay Tattoo, but perhaps the most sought after cigar blender of late is AJ Fernandez. Altadis has partnered with AJ on the new H. Upmann Nicaragua, which is a departure from standard Altadis fare. The new H. Upmann Nicaragua is one of those cigars regular production cigars that’ll make a good everyday smoke for the avid cigar enthusiast.

Davidoff 702 Series Anniversario No. 3
Cigar Review: Davidoff 702 Series Anniversario No. 3

Rarely does a specific tobacco attain a celebrity status of its own, but Davidoff’s proprietary Ecuadorian 702 wrapper is one such type of tobacco. The 702 wrapper has been a part of some amazing cigars, making its appearance with the Davidoff LE 2009 Seleccion 702, and then being included on legendary cigars like the Avo LE 2012 La Trompeta and Davidoff LE 2013 Year of the Snake. Davidoff has taken this impressive tobacco and used it in place of the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper on seven of their core blends.

Viaje Zombie Antidote 2017
Cigar Review: Viaje Zombie Antidote (2017) Collector's Edition

For years, Viaje has laid claim to Zombie themed cigars, with cigars like the Zombie Supershot, the Zombie Antidote and the recent Zombie Farmer Bill Hatchet. This year, there is a new Collector’s Edition of the Zombie Antidote. Unlike previous versions of the Viaje Zombie Antidote which measured 6 1/4” x 44, the latest version has earned the moniker “Double Dose” because it is 6 1/4” x 50.

Southern Draw Rose of Sharon
Cigar Review: Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

Last year released its first Connecticut cigar with the QuickDraw Connecticut, and since the release of that cigar, many have wondered if there would be a Connecticut addition to their core line of cigars. Finally, there is one, with the release of the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. As with previous cigars in the core line, the company is keeping with its theme of flower plant name, while also drawing on the biblical expression that first appeared in the King James Bible in 1611...


Coffee Reviews and a Poll

Back in February we started adding a coffee review here and there and we have really enjoyed learning more about coffee and on tasting. We’ve been less consistent as of late, but there are some new reviews lined up for the next couple of months. We hope you’ve enjoyed this aspect to the site, as minor as it may be. You can check out the full list of...

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Coffee Review: Brazil Yellow Bourbon,

Company: Bean Origin or Blend: Brazil Yellow Bourbon Body: Light/Medium Roast: Medium Brew Method: Drip and French Press Price: $36/lb. (Purchase) Background: Today we are reviewing another single origin bean from Here is how the bean is described on their website: This Yellow Bourbon is produced by Fazenda Cachoeira...

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Coffee Review: Komodo Blue Dragon,

Company: Bean Origin or Blend: Komodo Blue Dragon Body: Medium/Full Roast: Medium Brew Method: Drip and French Press Price: $36/lb. (Here) Background: Over the last year or so, we’ve really enjoyed getting to know Lisa, owner of She puts out some amazing beans and is a great artist and friend as well. To view...

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Coffee Review: Sumatra Aceh Organic, Fratello Coffee Roasters

Company: Fratello Coffee Roasters Bean Origin or Blend: Sumatra Aceh Organic Body: Medium Roast: Medium Brew Method: Drip and French Press Price: $30.75/2lbs. (Here) Background: Sumatra Aceh is apparently a popular variety of coffee, even though I’d never heard of it before Russ from Fratello sent me a bag for review. Do a quick google search, and you’ll...

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Coffee Review: Ethiopian Nekisse, Fonte Coffee Roasters

Company: Fonte Coffee Roasters Bean Origin or Blend: Ethiopian Body: Medium Roast: Medium Brew Method: Drip and French Press Price: $24.50/16oz. Background: Fonte Coffee Roasters was the first independent coffee roaster in the Pacific Northwest, being founded in 1992 in Seattle, Washington. Slightly different from most coffees we’ve reviewed here, Fonte is...

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