Euforia Dominican Cigar from GMD Cigars
Cigar Review: Euforia (Dominican) Toro by GMD Cigars

Global Marketing & Distribution (GMD) Cigars may have an unappealing name, but they have some extremely appealing cigars in their portfolio. At the IPCPR in New Orleans I discovered the appeal of these impressive luxury cigars. The Dominican Euforia (yes, it’s spelled that way) is a flavorful medium bodied cigar with the quality that one would expect from a cigar produced at Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic.

WIYH Master Sensei of Cigar Dojo
What's In Your Humidor?: Master Sensei of Cigar Dojo

There’s few people in the cigar media world that I admire more than Eric Guttormson (Master Sensei) over at Cigar Dojo. In a very short time Dojo has gone from a cigar blog to a cigar media empire with a mobile app, weekly contests, an online show (Smoke Night Live), merchandise (there’s even Dojo trading cards), events and cigars sold through third party shops (ie. the Undercrown Dogma or Viaje Throwdown). As the visionary behind this empire, Master Sensei has become the Elon Musk of the cigar media world.

Woody by Oscar Cigar
Cigar Review: The Woody by Oscar

Oscar Valladares has made a name for himself making unique cigars. There’s the Leaf by Oscar (wrapped in a tobacco leaf rather than cello), the Big Johnny (an 8” x 66 version of the Leaf Maduro) and the Island Jim No. 2 (that looks like a No. 2 pencil). Now, Oscar has released a cigar (mainly for events) that is a massive 21” x 100 vitola, and comes in individual coffins. While the Woody is more for show than anything else, it is a smokeable cigar and is actually surprisingly good.

Aj Fernandez Enclave Figurado Cigar
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Enclave Figurado

One year ago, AJ Fernandez teamed up with his father Ismael to create the New World, and followed it up with the New World Connecticut. (See our earlier New World review.) Now, they have once again partnered together in the creation of the AJ Fernandez Enclave. Beginning with the New World, there has been a reworking of the AJ Fernandez Portfolio that has been very well done. With an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper and African Cameroon binder, the Enclave is a very distinctive addition to the AJ brand.

Cabal Esoteric Robusto Cigar
Cigar Review: Cabal Esoteric Robusto

While developing the Cabal core line at KBF, Chris Arolfo went through 21 blends or so with many of those being tweaked several times. According to Chris there was one robusto that he kept coming back to again and again, despite the fact that it did not fit into the core line flavor profile. Yet, it was too good a cigar to let go, so the Cabal Esoteric Robusto was born. The result is a medium bodied cigar with a very interesting flavor profile.

Warped La Colmena Amado No 44 Cigar
Cigar Review: Warped La Colmena No. 44

With so many boutique brands on the market being started by cigar industry celebrities, it is rare for a new brand to burst onto to the scene with the kind of quality, style, character and positive press that Jupiter, Florida based Warped Cigars has. While many boutiques fail to live up to the hype, Warped seems to surpass the hype. Although owner Kyle Gellis’ company began in 2009, in the last year and a half the company has really come into its own. With cigars coming from El Titan de Bronze and Casa Fernandez...


Press Release: Camacho Introduces the Camacho Ecuador

Press Release: Camacho Introduces the Camacho Ecuador

PINELLAS PARK, FL (Monday, May, 12 2014) –– Camacho, the worlds leading brand of bold cigars, is proud to introduce the all-new Camacho Ecuador; an intense new flavor experience born in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The Ecuador Habano leaf is one of the most storied tobaccos in our arsenal, a wrapper unique unto itself in color, texture and aroma. Grown in the rugged and nitrogen rich soils beneath the towering Andes Mountains, a majestic region where tobacco growing first took hold thousands of years ago. Ecuador Habano is one of the most versatile wrapper leaves in existence, opening the possibilities for our master blenders to experiment and drive the boundaries of flavor to new heights. This dynamic new blend features an earthy Brazilian Mata Fina binder, a pair of powerful high-priming Honduran tobaccos, along with Dominican Pelo de Oro ligero for the filler. From the blast of pepper to the hints of floral and citrus throughout, this cigar delivers a wide range of complex flavors. The all-new Camacho Ecuador is a medium-to-full intensity smoke available in (5) popular formats: Robusto (50×5), Toro (50×6), Churchill (48×7), Figurado (54x42x61/8) and Gordo (60×6). Suggested retail for the new Camacho Ecuador starts at $6.80 per cigar. To complement the launch, Camacho is offering a new limited edition ashtray previously available only at Torch It Up tour events. The limited edition ashtray comes in a premium leather gift box and holds up to 10 cigars. (Suggested retail: $200) Launch and Availability: The all-new Camacho Ecuador begins shipping nationwide in late May 2014. Those looking to experience the new Ecuador should visit and RSVP for an upcoming Torch It Up tour event, where the new cigar will take center stage.  About Camacho: Camacho is the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, representing the concept of unleashing unmistakable and intense experiences. Infamous since 1962, the brand has become a sanctuary for the powerful, elemental being who seeks to fill their lives with unapologetic good times. A combination of rich heritage, product excellence and a never surrender attitude has enabled Camacho to grow into an aggressive brand globally recognized as the standard of full-frontal flavor and full-frontal lifestyle....

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Cigar Review: La Aurora 107

Size: 5×50, Robusto Wrapper: Ecuadorian Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican and Nicaraguan Strength: Medium Price: $6.50 Grade: 8.7 The La Aurora 107 was announced March 12, 2010 and is slowly making its way into B&Ms, where they will be exclusively sold. The 107 commemorates the rich history of La Aurora, the Dominican’s oldest cigar maker, which just celebrated its 107th anniversary. The 107 follows the release that honored the 100th anniversary, the Cien Anos. Also available in a Toro (5.5×54) and a Belicoso (6.25×52), the 107 is sold in boxes of 21. You can view the press release for the 107 here. The La Aurora 107 is distributed by Miami Cigar and Company, who is a sponsor of Toasted Foot and sent us a 5 pack for review. Check out La Aurora online and follow Miami Cigar on Twitter. Pre-light, 1.6: The wrapper on the 107 was a medium brown with the slightest red hue, some raised veins with a stalk toward the cap, an overall leathery exterior, and a sloppy double cap. The stick is very firm to the touch with a nice weight and is on the dryer side and only slightly oily. The aroma of the 107 was of pleasant sweet hay with a zest of citrus and a faint pepper in the background. The pre-light draw did not stray far from this, with the pepper remaining on the tip of the tongue while the sweet, mild hay dominated the palate. The draw was a bit tight. The band is simple and elegant, though it does remind me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Burn, 1.6: With La Aurora’s in the past, I’ve had a tighter draw much more often than I’ve had a looser draw, and this was the case with the 107 samples as well. The burn was slow, the draw was tight, and the ash held exceptionally well and was consistently colored. The smoke emitted was surprisingly thick and ample despite the tight draw. The burn was even for the most part, though there were some jags and hills. The aroma of the smoke was great, with a sweet mint that was pretty unique to this smoke....

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Boutique Wednesday Cigar Review: Cuban Stock Royal Selection

Size: 5×50, Robusto #4 Wrapper: Ecuadorian Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican Strength: Medium to Full Price: $6.50 Grade: 8.7 Cuban Stock has operated a cigar factory out of Santiago, Dominican Republic since 1995, is run by Yaniv Levy, President, and was originally known as Crown David Cigars. The name change was a result of consumer recognition, as the Cuban Stock was the most recognizable cigar distributed by Crown David, so the name was changed to the flagship cigar. The Cuban Stock was the first cigar, known as the Classic, and was soon followed by the Cuban Stock Royal Selection and Reserve. The Chubby, a 60 ring gauge, was introduced in 1999, followed by the Exquisito Double Capa and, in 2000, the Delicioso was announced, a line of sweet tip flavored cigars. The Cuban Stock line of cigars has been fairly well received and you can view their ratings on their website. Cuban Stock has not slowed down, introducing the Joya de Havana in 2004 and two new lines at the 2009 IPCPR in New Orleans, the Extra and Chubby Ultimate. A couple of weeks ago we received a package from Cuban Stock, containing three of their blends, the Chubby, Cuban Stock Extra, and the Cuban Stock Royal Selection. The Royal Selection, which we are reviewing today, employs Dominican tobacco aged in wine barrels for 6 years and is available in four sizes: Churchill #1: 7.25×52 Belicoso #2: 6.25×52 Toro #3: 6×50 Robusto #4: 5×50 Corona #5: 5.5×44 Now, on to the toast! Pre-light, 1.8: This robusto was packaged with a dual band of red, cream, gold, and black, and had an eye-catching presentation. The Ecuadorian wrapper was in good shape and was dark and oily. The box press on this smoke was not the best I have seen, could be a bit tighter, but there were no soft spots to speak of at all.  The pre-light aroma was of sweet tobacco along the wrapper with a spice prevailing at the foot. The cold draw produced a very large amount of spice on the lips and a full coating of tobacco flavor on the palate. Burn, 1.6: The Cuban Stock cut and toasted well with a...

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Cigar Review: Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie

Size: 6×50, Toro (No. 7) Wrapper: Ecuadorian with added Nicaraguan Criollo upper Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan Strength: Mild-Medium Price: Box of 24, $145 Grade: 9.3 Joya de Nicaragua, S.A. are well known for their Antano line of cigars and the newly released Antano Dark Corojo; most of JdN’s releases are full-bodied, but not so with the Cabinetta Serie, another new release. The Cabinetta is a mild-medium bodied cigar that utilizes an Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper; the Ecuadorian wraps the entire cigar while the Criollo is placed atop the Ecuadorian for the top inch and a half or so. The Cabinetta is being distributed by Drew Estate, who took over the distribution rights to the United States in 2008, which was formerly held by SAG Imports. DE has taken a more concentrated approach to releasing the cigar and has abstained from a national release. The cigar was originally released in Spring ’09, though DE chose not to display it at IPCPR. The Cabinetta is currently available at only 75 tobacconists and the availability will slowly continue through 2010. The Cabinetta is sold in boxes of 24 and available in the following sizes: Cabinetta Serie No. 2: Belicoso 6 x 54, $6.55/ea. Cabinetta Serie No. 4: Robusto 5 x 52, $5.55/ea. Cabinetta Serie No. 7: Toro 6 x 50, $6.05/ea. Cabinetta Serie No. 11: Corona Gorda 5 ¼ x 46, $5.05/ea. From the press release, Alejandro Martinez Cuenca notes that Joya de Nicaragua “have always been known for creating full flavored, full bodied cigars in our Antaño line. I found that there was a demand for a cigar that the consumer could smoke at any time of day. Because of that, we’ve created the Cabinetta Serie; this cigar was exactly what we were looking for, something that’s not too strong, but still has that distinct Nicaraguan flavor profile. This cigar is almost always my first of every day.” To learn more about Joya de Nicaragua, be sure to check them out online. So, enough of that, on to the toast! Pre-light, 1.8: Without a doubt, the JdN Cabinetta was an eye catcher; this double wrapped Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan Criollo stick demanded my attention immediately. The...

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Cigar Review: Sosa Wavell

Size: 5×50 (Wavell) Wrapper: Ecuadorian Natural Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican Republic Price: Box of 25, $89.99 Strength: Medium Grade: 9.2 The Sosa family has been involved in the cigar industry since the early 1900s, originally as growers and later of course as manufacturers and distributors. During the early 1920s, the small Cuban village of Santa Julia, which the Sosa family called home, began to receive recognition for quality tobacco. Don Juan Sosa began the Sosa tobacco business and was assisted by his son, Arturo Sosa, and his grandson, Juan. Leaving Cuba as so many did during the Cuban Revolution, they searched for rich fields and arrived in the Santiago region of the Dominican Republic. They opened a factory in Miami and quickly regained their structure that was nearly destroyed by the Revolution. Sosa cigars are rolled at the Fuente factory under the watchful eye of Jose B. Sosa. Rated #21 in Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2007, the Wavell is an excellent cigar at a wonderful price. To learn more about Sosa Cigars, visit their website. You can also find Sosa at Disney World of all places, at the Fuego cigar bar. So, on to the toast! Pre-light, 1.7: The Wavell was a decent looking smoke with a medium brown to reddish wrapper. The Ecuadorian wrapper had a nice texture and the veins were minimal. The weight was good, the cigar was firm to the touch, and the cap was constructed cleanly with a nice triple on the head. The pre-light aroma was earthy and sweet with a hint of cinnamon at the foot. The cold draw produced notes of green tobacco, very clean, almost like tea leaves. Burn, 1.8: The cap cut very clean, the toast was good, and I was puffing away in no time at all. The Sosa produced a nice white ash that held to an inch before I accidentally knocked it off. The draw was excellent throughout the smoke and the cigar produced an excellent amount of smoke. The cigar did burn a bit crooked into the second third but it quickly corrected itself. Flavor, 2.8: This cigar was full of good solid tobacco notes with some wood...

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