Euforia Dominican Cigar from GMD Cigars
Cigar Review: Euforia (Dominican) Toro by GMD Cigars

Global Marketing & Distribution (GMD) Cigars may have an unappealing name, but they have some extremely appealing cigars in their portfolio. At the IPCPR in New Orleans I discovered the appeal of these impressive luxury cigars. The Dominican Euforia (yes, it’s spelled that way) is a flavorful medium bodied cigar with the quality that one would expect from a cigar produced at Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic.

WIYH Master Sensei of Cigar Dojo
What's In Your Humidor?: Master Sensei of Cigar Dojo

There’s few people in the cigar media world that I admire more than Eric Guttormson (Master Sensei) over at Cigar Dojo. In a very short time Dojo has gone from a cigar blog to a cigar media empire with a mobile app, weekly contests, an online show (Smoke Night Live), merchandise (there’s even Dojo trading cards), events and cigars sold through third party shops (ie. the Undercrown Dogma or Viaje Throwdown). As the visionary behind this empire, Master Sensei has become the Elon Musk of the cigar media world.

Woody by Oscar Cigar
Cigar Review: The Woody by Oscar

Oscar Valladares has made a name for himself making unique cigars. There’s the Leaf by Oscar (wrapped in a tobacco leaf rather than cello), the Big Johnny (an 8” x 66 version of the Leaf Maduro) and the Island Jim No. 2 (that looks like a No. 2 pencil). Now, Oscar has released a cigar (mainly for events) that is a massive 21” x 100 vitola, and comes in individual coffins. While the Woody is more for show than anything else, it is a smokeable cigar and is actually surprisingly good.

Aj Fernandez Enclave Figurado Cigar
Cigar Review: AJ Fernandez Enclave Figurado

One year ago, AJ Fernandez teamed up with his father Ismael to create the New World, and followed it up with the New World Connecticut. (See our earlier New World review.) Now, they have once again partnered together in the creation of the AJ Fernandez Enclave. Beginning with the New World, there has been a reworking of the AJ Fernandez Portfolio that has been very well done. With an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper and African Cameroon binder, the Enclave is a very distinctive addition to the AJ brand.

Cabal Esoteric Robusto Cigar
Cigar Review: Cabal Esoteric Robusto

While developing the Cabal core line at KBF, Chris Arolfo went through 21 blends or so with many of those being tweaked several times. According to Chris there was one robusto that he kept coming back to again and again, despite the fact that it did not fit into the core line flavor profile. Yet, it was too good a cigar to let go, so the Cabal Esoteric Robusto was born. The result is a medium bodied cigar with a very interesting flavor profile.

Warped La Colmena Amado No 44 Cigar
Cigar Review: Warped La Colmena No. 44

With so many boutique brands on the market being started by cigar industry celebrities, it is rare for a new brand to burst onto to the scene with the kind of quality, style, character and positive press that Jupiter, Florida based Warped Cigars has. While many boutiques fail to live up to the hype, Warped seems to surpass the hype. Although owner Kyle Gellis’ company began in 2009, in the last year and a half the company has really come into its own. With cigars coming from El Titan de Bronze and Casa Fernandez...


Product Review: Medici 500ct. Cigar Foot Locker Humidor

Manufacturer: Medici Product: 500ct. Cigar Foot Locker Distributor: Humidor Vault Features: SureSeal Technology, 2 trays and 2 dividers, Piano hinges Price: $174.99 (Here) This product review is sponsored by Humidor Vault. You may visit their website or give them a follow on Twitter. For those of you that have need for extra storage but would prefer to not use a cooler, this may be your best option for the money. At under $200, you can easily fit several hundred cigars and, if you use your Tetris skills on the inside and remove all the trays and dividers, you can easily fit inside 15+ boxes of cigars. When the humidor arrived I was shocked by the size – the pictures online simply do not do it justice. The weight is not too bad empty, but once full the handles on the side are essential. The exterior is covered in a walnut finish and some forums have noted that it is rather thin and overtime begins to chip. From my inspection it looks to be no thinner than other humidors I’ve used in the past. The main features on the exterior of the humidor are two handles which are very sturdy and easily support lifting the full humidor across the room. There is a felt lined bottom that is helpful if you plan to place this atop a piece of furniture, though by the size I imagine most folks will leave it on the floor. The components are solid on the Medici, with thick, gold piano hinges and a firm locking system that comes with your typical humidor key. The humidity components are nothing special – just your standard analog hygrometer and 2 sponge pads encased in a thicker than normal plastic. When you first pop the top on the humidor and peer down it reminds you of a small well! It’s huge and deep – the two top trays are a nice option for keeping your go to smokes away from the lower storage. The lower storage comes with two removable dividers that are the full depth of the humidor and reach to where the trays begin to stack. The high capacity storage option comes...

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