Viaje Stuffed Turkey (White & Dark Meat) Cigar 2015
Cigar Review: Viaje Stuffed Turkey (White & Dark Meat) 2015

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so it seems only right to post a review of Viaje’s Stuffed Turkey cigars. There’s so many Halloween and Christmas themed cigars out there, so it’s kind of nice to see Thanksgiving get its own release. Like the turkey most of us have at our Thanksgiving feasts, the Viaje Stuffed Turkey comes in both White Meat (Nicaraguan Criollo) and Dark Meat (Mexican San Andres) versions. Both cigars are quite good, and make an excellent post-Thanksgiving smoke. Like all Viaje Cigars, the production of the Stuffed Turkey is quite limited, so they are bound to be very hard to find.

The Alibi by Espinosa Cigars
Cigar Review: The Alibi by Espinosa Cigars

Erik Espinosa and his team at his La Zona Factory have been releasing so many great cigars, like the Espinosa Laranja (Toasted Foot’s No. 2 Cigar of 2014), that it should come as no surprise that a cigar made exclusively for Espinosa lounges is just as impressive. The Espinosa Alibi is salvable at Espinosa lounges across the country and from (Smoke Inn VI in Margate, FL is an Espinosa lounge). The Espinosa Alibi is yet another great cigar coming from Espinosa’s La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Steve Saka\
Cigar Review: Sobremesa Gran Imperiales

Perhaps the most anticipated cigar of the year (at least by the “cigar nerds”) is Steve Saka’s first cigar since leaving Drew Estate, the Sobremesa. Saka has been very open about the fact that the Sobremesa is not another Liga Privada, so people have been curious as to what they should expect. They should expect a really good medium-full bodied cigar filled with a creamy balance of cocoa, cedar and coffee flavors.

Hiram and Solomon Master Mason Cigar
Cigar Review: Hiram and Solomon Master Mason Maduro

Contrary to what the History Channel may say, the Freemasons do not secretly control the world. However, they do make a pretty good cigar. Ed Kashouty and George Dakrat’s Hiram and Solomon Cigars has released three Masonic themed cigars, named for the three Blue Lodge degrees. Of the three, the Master Mason Maduro is the on that stands out the most. Made for Hiram and Solomon by Ventura Cigar Company, the Master Mason is a flavorful medium-full to full bodied cigar...

Rocky Patel Super Ligero Cigar Review
Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Super Ligero

Rocky Patel has been a fixture in the cigar industry for twenty years now, and has become (as I like to refer to him) the Donald Trump of cigars, because everyone knows his name and has a “when I met Rocky” story. Like Trump verbally beating down people on the debate stage, the Rocky Patel Super Ligero packs on heck of a punch. There’s a lot of strength the Super Ligero, but it doesn’t mean flavor has been sacrificed. While not for the novice cigar smoker, the Super Ligero is sure to become a fixture in the humidors of those who love strong cigars.

Arturo Fuente Eye of the Shark Don Carlos Cigar
Cigar Review: Arturo Fuente Eye of the Shark

Fuente’s Shark vitola has become a favorite of cigar enthusiasts, because of it rarity and quality of construction. So the slightly smaller version seems the perfect shape to celebrate the 80th birthday Carlos Fuente Sr. and 30th anniversary of the Fuente Don Carlos cigar brand. The Eye of the Shark is a unique blend and not the same as the Don Carlos Private Reserve, as some people have said in the past. Medium bodied and flavorful, the Eye of the Shark is a cigar that is certain to please fans of Fuente cigars.


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